How to download, install, update for FCAR F502 Heavy Duty Code Reader?

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How to download, install, update for FCAR F502 Heavy Duty Code Reader?

Do you know FCar F502 Heavy Duty Truck Code Reader?

How to use FCar F502 to read clear truck DTC codes? And how to download, install and update FCar F502 software?

Below this blog will show you!

Part 1. FCar F502 truck, protocol, functions supported

FCar F502 Heavy Vehicle Code Reader appearance

Palm size & handheld & concise design

Screen 2.8 inch LCD true color display 320×240 pixel

FCar F502 vehicle coverage:

Cummings, Detroit, FUSO, HINI, MAN, Caterpillar, Freightliner, International, Kenworth, John Deere, Peterbilt, Sterling, Iveco, ISUZU, JAC, Mack, Mercedes Benz, NISSAN, SCANIA, VOLVO, etc.

FCar F502 heavy duty protocols:

Support heavy duty J1939 or J1708 protocol for any compatible diesel trucks, buses and engines.

FCar F502 supported functions:

1.Scan heavy-duty trucks by J1939 or J1708

2.Scan truck ECU components to read all DTC, clear Code and show live data stream.

3.The components are including Engine, Transmission, Brake, Turbocharger, Axle, Power unit, Trailer, Instrument cluster and much more

4.OBD16 via Diesel 6 pin or Diesel 9 pin connectors

Part 2. How use FCar F502 to read, clear truck DTC codes and view live data?

(FCar F502 Heavy Vehicle Code Reader user manual)

When connect FCar F502 HD code reader with truck and go to FCar F502 main menu.

First you can check “Vehicle Information”.

This is Cummins 6B engine.


Then you can choose a “Fast Scan” or a “Complete Scan” to start.


Select according “128 Engine”


Choose “Read Codes” then “Clear Codes”.


In this case, FCar F502 read out Cummins SID 251 FID 2 Code.


Also you can choose “Live Data” to check all truck modules status in value form.


Part 3. Where to download FCar F502 software? How to install and update?

FCar F502 Heavy Duty Code Reader software download:!o04lWapQ!peBr2tX6cianB25gjQ1kzs1rWG9Fl4rF1KUuBkgsjz8

FCar F502 software installation guide Windows XP:

  1. vcom.inf is usb driver, Right click to install
  2. Click FcarReader_502.exe to open update window
  3. Select the driver COM, follow the window Instructions

FCar F502 software installation guide Windows 7/8:

  1. Code reader power off or unplug USB cable
  2. Press and hold the [Enter] button on the code reader, and plug in the USB cable into your pc
  3. All three indicator lights on the code reader turn on, and release the button
  4. Code reader enters into upgrade maintenance mode
  5. Install USB Driver

1)Click Windows Start menu–>Control Panel–>Device Manager

2)Click to expand “F50x USB VCom Port (COM4)”

3)Right click on Update Driver and Browse my computer for driver software

4)Select vcom.inf from your download package

  1. Go back to Upgrade Unitity to Select the serial port ([Query serial port] button to update the current serial port list and select new port [COM4]
  2. Click [Start Upgrade]

FCar F502 Heavy Duty Code Reader software update steps:

Check below operating pictures.

fcar-f502-heavy-duty-truck-code-reader-function-software-download-update-user-manual-9 fcar-f502-heavy-duty-truck-code-reader-function-software-download-update-user-manual-10 fcar-f502-heavy-duty-truck-code-reader-function-software-download-update-user-manual-11 fcar-f502-heavy-duty-truck-code-reader-function-software-download-update-user-manual-12 fcar-f502-heavy-duty-truck-code-reader-function-software-download-update-user-manual-13 fcar-f502-heavy-duty-truck-code-reader-function-software-download-update-user-manual-8