How to Install and Setup Nexiq USB Link 2 (user maunal)

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Nexiq USB Link 2 Installation Process Outline:

Step 1: Install the USB-Link™ 2 drivers and the Device Tester (pg. 9).

Step 2: Choose your connection (wired or wireless) (pg. 24).

If you chose a wired connection, move on to complete steps 4 and 6

Step 3: Install the drivers for the Bluetooth® adapter you are using.

Depending on the Bluetooth® adapter you have selected, you may also
need to configure the Bluetooth® environment (see Configure the Bluetooth
Environment on page 26 of this chapter).

Step 4: Connect the USB-Link™ 2 to the vehicle.

Steps 4 through 6 are described in Chapter 3 of this manual.

Step 5: Pair the Device:
Step 6: Use the NEXIQ™ Device Tester to test the connection between the
USB-Link™ 2 and the vehicle.


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