How to install AT-200 Programmer on Windows 7

Look here: AT-200 ECU programmer Windows 7 installation instruction – very easy!!

Step 1: unzip the AT200 file

Open AT200 disk

Copy zip file “AT200 2019.4.5” to Desktop and unzip the file

Step 2: setup the usb device

Open Computer Management

Select: USB input device

Step 3: run AT-200 software

Open folder “AT200” on Desktop and run AT200 app

In the AT200 BMW car list

Note: AT200 programmer covers MSV90, MSVD85, MSVD85.1 ,MSVD85.2, MSVD87, MSVD87.2,  N55, N20
Will cover B48, MB271,VAG W06J

Step 4: test AT200 on MSV90 (wiring)

Select the one for test: BMW E90 Engine 325i N52830A 217 ECU CONTINENTAL MSV90 TC1796

AT-200 wiring for MSV90

Step 5: change AT200 language

AT200 language: Chinese and English (change the language yourself in the app)