How to Install CAN Clip V191 Software on windows 7

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This article is available with how to install the newest CAN Clip V191 software on windows 7.

Here is the guide for you. Hope it help.

Note: old RLT2002 can work ONLY on win x86 (32 bit version) !!


  1. Run “Crack Renault CLIP.reg” from “A Patch file”.


  1. Mountiso file from “clip191″ and install can Clip.
  2. Right click”set up”→ open


  1. Install CLIP 191


  1. Select country and then click “next”

4-CAN-Clip-V19-software- 5-CAN-Clip-V19-software- 6-CAN-Clip-V19-software- 7-CAN-Clip-V19-software-

NOTE: After Instalaltign finish DO NOT run your CLiP! 

Open “A_ Patch file”. 1st replace the origina Rswin.exe file (backup 1st your original file!!!) with the cracked .exe file in C:\CLIP. x91\L ib\Application\

Now from the SANE location as you are (C: \CLIP -X91)Lib\Application\) run the Rswin. exe. choose “Register me now” and in the next window select “NO”!

8-CAN-Clip-V19-software- 9-CAN-Clip-V19-software-

7. Use this Key for Registration: 333DEF -111DEF -111DEF-222DEF -221DEF -00DEF. It will work till 131/ 12/ 2020

10-CAN-Clip-V19-software- 11-CAN-Clip-V19-software-

8.Now as you are, RESTORE your original RSwin. exe, and REMOVE the patched one ! (Just keep a backup from the patched file somewhere…)


9. From your Desktop anymore, run your CLiP, accept the Terms and CLIP it will load.

10. For working with RLT2002 copy files from “03. RLT 2002 patch files” to folder C:\CLIP\Config\.

13-CAN-Clip-V19-software- 14-CAN-Clip-V19-software- 15-CAN-Clip-V19-software-

11.Now test the CAN Clip V191software on SP19-A, SP19-BSP19-D

16-CAN-Clip-V19-software- 17-CAN-Clip-V19-software- 18-CAN-Clip-V19-software- 19-CAN-Clip-V19-software- 20-CAN-Clip-V19-software- 21-CAN-Clip-V19-software- 22-CAN-Clip-V19-software- 23-CAN-Clip-V19-software- 24-CAN-Clip-V19-software-

If you are not clear, please refer to the video: