How to Install mb sd c4 mb star Connect Compact 4 for benz

car diagnostic tool

a few customers met the problems of installing the mb sd c4 mb star connect compact, today i want to share the installation steps to you.

Firstly buy the item from us the latest version:

And it includes the latest software, and when you get it, just insert the dell hdd or external hdd in the computer, let dell laptop as an example.

Secondly, you need to give us the related code to activate, but where can i get the code information, like hw-id, appid, hardware id and fingerprint, follow it.

Here is the pdf information:

as last, send us the code to activate, so you can use it perfectly and connect mercedes benz cars and trucks to work.

If you wanna to use it directly once get the item, you can also buy the one with laptop, we install the software well, can use it directly.


mb-sd-c4-with-dell-hdd-3-300x226 mb-sd-c4-with-dell-hdd-2-300x227 mb-sd-c4-with-dell-hdd-1-300x226