How to install V6 Key Cutting machine car key database

key cutting machine

V6 Key Cutting machine


Here we provide the details information on how to install the V6 Key Cutting machine car key database

Step 1 – Install CAR key database

Run CAR key database to install

Click Next to install CAR key database


Select installation location, then click Next

Click Install to begin installation

CAR key database installation success! Click Finish.


Step 2 – Register X6 key machine

Open Car key database on Desktop


Enter registration details, then click Reigister


Activate X6 via telephone

install-X6-key-machine-database-6-300x210 install-X6-key-machine-database-5-300x209


Run Kegen, enter activation reference to get activation code

Then enter activation code for database


Information (it is recomended that you take a minute to …) pops up, click ok

Setup wizard


Enter password; if not exist without password (it’s okay)

Step 3 – read key info

Enter info to Find the same code series…


Mactching series (9): Holden SU17UTK30

install-X6-key-machine-database-11-300x210 install-X6-key-machine-database-101-300x210