How to install VAS5054A on Windows 64 bit O.S.

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Tips and guides: VAS5054A Windows 64 bit install

This are drivers to make the VAS 5054A interface work as PassThru under 64bit machine,
since there is no official drivers for this interface, i have also change the drivers for
Actia XS interfaces.

Download link:!0GhQSajL!g3Z1cPqoN2kizCJ13q-Njtd7MXqn9-NExznxIxxTBEc 

Password via PM sent to Roturbo:


No need to disable Anti_Virus, and i strong advise you to do a virus scan on this folder.

This modified drivers are only to work as PassThru under 64bit,
it will not work with Actia Multidiag software, because the interface
is not recognized, for Multi-Diag Actia-Connect use a 32bit OS.

1º install –I+ME-Actia-PassThru-XS-Driverpack-xx1–
2º install –I+ME-Actia-PassThru-XS-Driverpack-xx2–

Go to device manager and chose update drivers for Passthru+ XS,
chose “”Browse my computer for driver software””


Than click “NEXT” it will give you driver warning, press “Yes”,,
it will open a red windows security about the publisher, just
click “”Install this driver software anyway””

It will confirm Updated Driver software success, next remove power from
the interface, power it up again, if asking again for drivers just repeat 
one more time the process,, if you see the serial number on the driver name , 
power down, power up install driver,and is done.

If this software “I+ME-Actia-PassThru-XS-Driverpack-xx1” is not installed than
your interface will not be listed as a PassThru interface, so you must install it.

This way you will have the 1Gen interface (blue & yellow) listed as available
for any software working with passthru (under 64bit), just select it and start working.


Credits to Roturbo

Then, the same software that it works under 32bit if on 64bit will work also.

For example Xentry on 32bit fail to open Euro 5/6 cars, this is because Xentry is to be installed
on 64bit machines to work with PassThru interfaces, but Vas5054 didn´t have this drivers,
so it was only working on 32bit,, and not all cars were able to be scanned.

Using this drivers the interface is recognized on 64bit as a PassThru interface and is possible
to scan all new Euro 5 / 6 cars.

With this, any other software that works on 64bit (BMW ISTA for example) will also detect the
interface, ForScan is another one.

In general, any software that works with PassThru interfaces on 64bit installations
will also detect and work with VAS5054A after installing this drivers.

PassThru-windows-64-bit-1 PassThru-windows-64-bit-2 PassThru-windows-64-bit-3