How to program Ford Fiesta 2013 new key with OBDSTAR F100

OBDSTAR F100 Mazda/Ford is appropriated for programming Auto Keys and Smart Keys of vehicles made by Mazda/Ford.

Today i would like to share how to program Ford Fiesta 2013 new key. It is easy to operate, only needs 3 steps.

Step1. Start OBDSTAR F100; choose “Chinese Ford”→ “Immobilizer” → “Fiesta” → “-2013”, F100 will show “Communication…”

obdstar-f100-ford-fiesta-1 obdstar-f100-ford-fiesta-2 obdstar-f100-ford-fiesta-3

Step2. Choose “Program keys”, it will show “MIN keys required: 2”, press “Enter” button to continue. Next it will show “Insert the key to be programmed and turn on the ignition”. Follow this tip then press “Enter” button to continue. F100 will show “Communication…”

obdstar-f100-ford-fiesta-4 obdstar-f100-ford-fiesta-5 obdstar-f100-ford-fiesta-6

Step3. OBDSTAR F100 Ford/Mazda key programmer will remind you current number of keys is 2, press “Enter” button to communicate. After communication, OBDSTAR F100 successfully programs a new key for Ford Fiesta 2013. So you can see the current number of keys is 3.

obdstar-f100-ford-fiesta-8 obdstar-f100-ford-fiesta-7


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1.Most powerful Ford and Mazda Key programmer
2.Support latest models of Mazda vehicles
3.No need pin code. odometer adjustment as well