How to program NB11 remotes with Keydiy remote maker

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Good to know:

What is the procedure to programme NB11 remotes?

First, create a suitable remote and then add the transponder into ECU?

Do I have to programme the remote onto the car as well or it just works after adding the transponder into the ECU?

Tips of NB11 remote programming:

Keydiy remote maker (KD900, KD900+, KD-X2, etc.) doesn’t program a remote; he generates it. After that you need to program the remote.
So every generated remote needs to be programmed

If B remote, no matter if transponder is already done or not – it’s separated. Only NB have the TP linked

Usually, B remote require separate programming (manually or diagnostically, depending which model) and NB remotes are synced when the transponder is programmed.

NB series remotes will act as an OEM unit. If the OEM unit programs the chip and remote at the same time then the NB will also program in like that. Example: 2012 Chevy Cruze Flip key… The OEM remote programs when the chip is programmed… The KD unit programs the same way. When you cycle the key in the ignition the chip and remote both program at the same time.

Try manually (if possible) if it hasn’t worked during chip programming. If you generate the wrong remote and then try to regenerate to a different type, you will need to reprogram the NB chip as well.

You can clone some (garage)remote who automatically works, but rest all have to be programmed

To be clear… on the NB11 remote: I just did one yesterday on a ’16 Wrangler. Formatted the remote to Chrysler OHT, then programmed the unit into the car. The transponder AND the remote all programmed in at the same time.


Just today i went through 3 on a vivaro 1 started no remote feature 2 nothing worked ended up using aftermarket ..but ice nb 36tt on a kangoo worked perfectly

If doing a separate chip original key you generate the b series remote onto nb then go to chip option and use nb chip option