How to reflash Toyota with Techstream software

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Toyota Techstram refalshing instruction:

Reflashing a Toyota with the Techstream is a straight-forward process after you register for the program (which isn’t so simple, in my opinion). Simply, you use the Techstream to search for TSBs by a DTC. If there is a reflash, the TSB (which is a PDF file with hyperlinks inside) will say so. Simply click on the hyperlink which says a reflash is necessary and the process starts automatically.

The following is how we do it step-by-step without looking up a TSB:

  1. First we do a health check and if under Calibration Update it says “Yes,” simply click on “Yes” and then when another screen pops up with the new Calibration ID, click Next.


  1. Follow the on screen instructions. For example, put a battery maintainer on the car, put the vehicle KOEO (Key On Engine Off), and click next.


  1. When the vehicle is done reflashing, but the key onto off and then back on.]

toyota-techstream-relash-3 toyota-techstream-relash-4

  1. The screen here verifies we have two updated Calibration IDs and that the reflash process was successful.


  1. Now, after the reflash process, we can see that there isn’t a update available anymore.


  1. If you don’t see the following in a TSB referring to a new Calibration ID existing to correct a DTC, don’t expect there to even be a new Calibration ID. Only update software if a TSB tells you. Here, on this 02 Camry, we can see how the updated Calibration ID is hyperlinked in the Adobe Acrobat file, which automatically begins the reflash process on the Techstreamwhen clicked.