How to rework fake AMB2300 Bluetooth module on Vas5054a

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Look here: VAS5054A AMB2300 Bluetooth module Genuine vs. Fake and make the fake BT module same as the original.

Original AMB2300 BT module:


Here is a genuine AMB2300 under the silver cover.

If you have MX and CSR BC417 chips, then it is HC-05, (fake AMB2300).
And if you cannot access buzzer settings or other settings, then I think it’s an HC-05.v

Clone AMB2300 BT module:


some clones that AMB2300 module is soldered permanently with the main board and dissembling upper and lower main boards is kind of difficult and puts lot of pressure and with a pressure board flexes too and could be creating problems.

You should make amb2300 removable by removing the solder joint and safely disassemble it if you need to.

Not an expert but can only suggest you to carefully inspect the area around the USB chip on your Vas5054 with a magnifying glass.

Note: VAS5054A China has two versions of AMB2300 BT module inside. Version A is much more better than Version B.


Both have exactly the same shield but the one is bad.

Differences also exist on underside of board with missing components.

The bad AMB did not have the tell tale signs previously mentioned to me.

But if you have no luck with a good BT module, or don’t have a AMB2300 BT module, you also have fix:

Download vas5054a firmware update fix: (by Fantomel)!MSIj1aJJ!XDWayKXbrN8fTqogwoA_26ECIMYCctHl11zUKB6Rdrg


To fix this and make it work, you must replace after install of package these files from 1.20.020 to your current version

for odis-s 2.2.3 and 2.2.4


for odis-s 2.2.6

C:\Program Files\Softing\D-PDU API\1.20.029\VeCom\VAS5054

for odis-e 6.2.2?

C:\Program Files\Softing\D-PDU API\1.20.023\VeCom\VAS5054

for odis-s 3.0.0

C:\Program Files\Softing\D-PDU API\1.20.034\VeCom\VAS5054

Good luck!