How to Solve MB SD c4 Connect C4 Update Error Report?

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MB SD C4 diagnostic software has been updated to the version 2017.7,

which works with MB SD Connect Compact C4 and supports the latest Mercedes Benz car and truck models. customer bought before, do you succeed in update the firmware? Recently, some users has consulted the update error report. Here is the instruction and solution for sharing.

MB-SD-C4-softaware-V2015.7-Update-Error-Report-1 MB-SD-C4-softaware-V2015.7-Update-Error-Report-2 MB-SD-C4-softaware-V2015.7-Update-Error-Report-3

The error report of MB STAR Connect Compact4 diagnostic tool is usually because hardware program of the host is deleted that wifi and SDC4 number cannot be setting up.

You can update the hardware program.

[update instruction file]
For unpdate, the three files above need to be upgraded.

The update order:>>

NOTE: When update, please do use brand new batteries. Also, you need OBD cable to connect to your vehicle for power supply. (If you cannot succeed in connecting to the vehicle, choose OBD 12V power instead; otherwise, 622 error report would appear to tell you that the upgrade is unsuccessful.)
In general, this 00 error means that it is set poorly.

Here is some solution for update error report to help you update V2015.07 smoothly with New MB SD Connect C4 diagnostic multiplexer.