How to Update Xhorse VVDI MB BGA TooL to Latest Version?

auto key programmer

VVdi mb mag is Mainly used for key reading and writing,EIS tools,password calculation,key file preparing,ESL tools,ECU/Gearbox renew and many special functions.

Now we share how to update VVdi mb mag to latest version V3.5.0.

  1. need to connect device and internet.
  2. download the latest software v3.5.0 on the desktop!v8oliRTb!J0_3HbwZUoUar9BjKDx3Q-_pSQn554Vm91M4p8pqLQ0

3. unzip it with the password: 123456 vvdi-mb tool,


5, then click update online, it can update successfully

vvdi-bga-update-1 vvdo-mb-bga-ipdate-2

Xhorse VVDI MB BGA TOOL Functions BE key,read password and prepare new key via IR.
2.NEC V051,V057 support on board get password
3.All NEC keys support on board write and erase
4.password calculate:support BGA keys,NEC keys(include 51,57version)etc.,work fast. renew EIS and ELV write EIS and ELV online generate key file
8.unlock ELV function will be released soon.
9.Renew other control modules function will support soon