How to use CGDI PRO MB Program Benz W211 Key

Connect the equipment, the OBD connects the vehicle, opens the door, and keeps the vehicle voltage stable (12V).

How to program new W211 key using CGDI Prog MB software,click“Read EIS Data”

Read data success,show related information

3.Turn to “Compute password”,choose“ copy key with key”,then click“Collect Data”

4.choose“other keys”,Click ”ok”

5.please insert the key into EIS and click ok

6.please insert the key into the CGMB device and click ok

It is collecting the key data

7.Key collection finished,please insert the key into EIS and click ok

please wait 9 seconds

10.please pull out the key from the EIS, and then click ok

11.please insert the key into the EIS again and click ok

12.Pull out the key for 5 seconds,then insert the EIS, then click ok

13.please insert the key into the CG-MB device again and click ok

14.Collect sucess,save data,default file name

15.Save the file successfully,click ok

16.Click ” Upload Data ”

17.Open the file just saved in last step

18.Upload data successfully

19.Click“Query Result”,please wait patiently

20.Computing success,click ok

21.Copy password

22.Go to the EIS interface and paste

23.Save EIS data

24.Turn to“Generate EE”,Load EIS file just saved

25.Check the information and click“Generate key file”

26.Generated file successfully and save the file

27.Go to “Read write Key”

28.Put into new key

29.Show key information after reading

30.Click“Rest wipe”,prompt ”Reset operation succeed,click ok

31.Click“open write”,please note the prompt

32.Select an unused key bit data and open it

33.write success

34.Insert the new key into EIS and start

35.Read EIS again, the key position prompt has been used, the combination can be activated, the match is successful!