How to use Lishi two-in-one locksmith tool

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How to use Lishi two-in-one locksmith tool is what many people want to know. In fact, Lishi two-in-one tool has become a must-have tool for locksmiths with its advantages of simple operation, 100% chance of success, and affordable price. Today I introduced my experience in using the car’s two-in-one tool.

The Lishi two-in-one tool is how to use the professional car quick-opening tool. To learn to use the Lishi two-in-one tool, we must first understand the model of the Lishi two-in-one tool. For example, BMW has HU92 and HU100R. Mercedes-Benz uses HU64 and so on.

Lishi two-in-one tool usage

After selecting the Lishi 2-in-1 tool model, insert the tool into the car’s keyhole and be sure to insert it into the bottom (this is important). Then, each tooth scale is toggled to observe the distribution of the inner piece of the keyhole. For example, above 1, 3, 5, 7. Below 2, 4, 6, 8. When opening, just click on these tooth positions. Save on time.

Give a force to the keyhole, and there will be a non-moving shrapnel. We must point the immovable piece to the bounce. Sometimes the force is too strong, and the moving piece is not moved to another position. This situation is overdone and must be turned a little bit. Sometimes we find that there are no moving pieces, and each piece is moving. At this time, the rotation can be increased, and the pieces that do not move will appear. Sometimes a shrapnel, the amount of bounce is very small, this time we do not care about it, first go to other films to see if there is no moving piece, if there is, this piece is a normal moving piece, already in place. If there are no other pieces that are not moving, maybe this piece is overdone and needs to go back.

We summed up a slogan: not moving to move is in place, not moving to move back to other children, no moving to force. Master these 3 points, Lishi two-in-one tool can achieve 100% open car lock.