How to Use Obdstar F102 to convert Nissan BCM serial to PINCODE with

How to Use Obdstar F102 to convert Nissan BCM serial to PINCODE with
Obdstar F102 works perfect as a Nissan PIN CODE reader, 20 digit calculator, BCM coder converter. Here, it’s a how-to’s of working Obdstar F102 as a Nissan BCM pin code converter.
Nissan Sylphy 2008 specification:
Manufacturer : Nissan Japan
Car Name : sylphy bluebird
Model : 2008
Registration : 2010.
Serial : 27.
Engine : 4 Cylinder VVTI
Engine Capacity : 1500 cc
Transmission : auto
Fuel System : Octane(Never Run by CNG)
How to convert BCM code using F102 Obdstar:
Connect Obdstar f102 pin code reader to the OBD port
Ignition on
obdstar-f102-nissan-read-pincode (1)
Power on the device
obdstar-f102-nissan-read-pincode (2)
obdstar-f102-nissan-read-pincode (3)
obdstar-f102-nissan-read-pincode (4)
This is pin code reader software
obdstar-f102-nissan-read-pincode (5)
Loading software, initializing, authorizing
obdstar-f102-nissan-read-pincode (6) obdstar-f102-nissan-read-pincode (7) obdstar-f102-nissan-read-pincode (8)
PINCODE Calculator
obdstar-f102-nissan-read-pincode (9)
obdstar-f102-nissan-read-pincode (10)
Switch ignition off
obdstar-f102-nissan-read-pincode (11)
BMC within the code: 2386D
obdstar-f102-nissan-read-pincode (12)
Old PINCODE: 9393
New PINCODE: 3060
obdstar-f102-nissan-read-pincode (13) obdstar-f102-nissan-read-pincode (14) obdstar-f102-nissan-read-pincode (15)
BCM code conversion success!
Obdstar F102 works great as a bcm code reader& converter.
1. Support to read BCM codes of all Nissan/Infiniti cars.
2. Transfer 5-digit code to 4-digit code and 20-digit code to 20 digit code.
3. Program Keys for most of Nissan/Infiniti cars.
4. Correct Mileage for most of Nissan/Infiniti cars.
5. No need to connect with computer, plug and play, automatic transfer.
6. No need to buy tokens.
7. One Key Upgrade
8. Have good man-machine interaction.

9. The main unit system adopts ARM high speed chip to keep it running fast, stable and anti-jamming.
10. Upgrade via TF card at any time.