How to Use OBDSTAR X300 DP do All Key Lost for Toyota with G via OBDII

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How to do all key lost for Toyota with G? We can only program with adapter before, but now we can directly program with OBDSTAR X300 DP via OBDII port, Here i will share with you the detailed procedure.

Device: X300 DP tablet key programmer full version


Master key and sub (G) key


G chip key


Connect X300DP with your vehicel through OBDII Port

Click “Diag Program” on the main menu

Choose “Type 2(with G72)”


Choose “Remote immobilizer(All key lost)”


Then switch ignitino off

Click OK to continue


Switch ignition on

Click OK to continue


X300 DP will prompt you to switch ignition off and remove the key

After doing that, click OK


It is configuring the system, wait for a while…


Then insert the removed key and switch ignition on


It is configuring the system, wait…

Switch ignition off and remove the key again

Then you should program keys as the following steps within 120 seconds


Here we program 1 master key and 1sub key.

Click OK to begin program keys

Step1: Insert the first master key, turn on the ignition and wait for 5 seconds…

Step2: insert the second sub key (the G chip key), turn on the ignition switch and wait for 5 seconds

Step3: turn on the ignition switch quickly for 5 times, the security light will turn off, the programming is finished.

Done! Program key for 2013 toyota RAV4 with G successfully!