How to Use OBDSTAR X300 PRO 4/Key Master 5 read security code for Hyundai/Kia (46 smart chip)

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I. Use ND900 Mini to read 12 digits code.

There are two types of models need ND900 Mini for 12 digits code reading : 

1). the model with card slot;  

2). the model with one-key start.

1. Specific method for 12 digits code reading of the model with card slot(shown as Figure I): 

remove the card slot shell first (shown as Figure II). ND900 Mini cannot receive the vehicle signal directly for the limitation of card slot design, therefore it is necessary to remove the card slot to proceed. If the first time failed, please repeat for several times.


(Figure I)


(Figure II)

2. Specific method for 12 digits code reading of the model with one-key start: 

directly read the 12 digits code with the ND900 Mini put close to the start button. Shown as below. 


Note: When reading 12 digits code of the smart card, pls remove the battery and then operate as above.

After 12 digits code reading is successful, its display sequence is as follow: the last two digits in the second row + all digits in the first row, 

that is ED F8 98 6F 38 83. Shown as below.


II. Procedures for Security Code Reading via OBDSTAR X300 PRO 4/Key Master 5 are as follow:

1. Select vehicle model and the latest software version 


2. Select “Read PinCode” option 


3. Select “Read PinCode(46 Smart Card)”



4. Input the 12 digits code acquired by ND900 Mini


5. Make sure the input value is correct


6. Read the security code successfully