How to use SEC-E9 Do Fo21 Ford Key (270P)

SEC-E9  key cutting machine Do Fo21 Ford Key Operation points for attention:

1. Enter F021 from the data search and select “manual input” in the upper right corner .

2, the input sequence: key handle – the key tip input;

3, ” cutting speed ” optional first two, “positioning mode” choose high and low positioning;

4. Hold the key blank in the No. 5 auxiliary fixture and tighten it with a screwdriver;

5, according to the prompt box, insert the positioning piece from the right to the third, to ensure that the key gear shift clear and smooth, the key blank and No. 5 fixture fixed on the No. 1 fixture, remove the positioning piece, click on the “cut”;

6, according to the video sequence, followed by skipping “2 teeth”, go to “3 teeth”, “4 teeth”, and timely adjustment of screw tightness, the other side of the same cut;

7. After the cutting is completed, remove the key and use the original lock to check whether the cutting is successful and unlock the lock.