How to use SKP1000 to disable 2011 BMW CAS4 523 Smart Key with

skp1000 key programmer can disable/enable key for BMW and Mercedes. we show you how to disable smart key on a BMW CAS4 523 year 2011.

Key information:

Original key: 4-button smart key (full keyless)

Frequency: 315MHz

CAS type: CAS4

Device to disable key: SKP 1000 tablet auto key programmer

Note: SKP-1000 will enable/disable BMW Benz smart key, but not able to program new key. For BMW, Mercedes key programming, please choose specific tools, i.e VVDI2 BMW and VVDI MB BGA Tool.



Connect SKP1000 host with vehicle via diagnostic socket

Select BMW car brand

Turn ignition ON

Select Enable/Disable CAS4 key

Confirm information. Make sure your car has CAS installed.  Otherwise smart function will lost, and you must attach key to Start button to start car

Select Read Key ID

all keys enabled

Read original key chip ID with JMD handy baby key copy machine

Select Disable key function in SKP1000 key programmer

Enter key position you want to disable key

The key is working key, are you sure to disable it?

Press YES to continue


Attach the key on the car steering steering column

Disable key success

Check key ID

Key 2 has been disabled.

SKP1000 disable BMW CAS4 smart key success.