How to Use skp900 to program Honda CRV key when all key lost

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Skp900 key programmer it is a powerful machine which can work for different car brands. it supports all key lost

today we give you some guidelines on How to Use skp900 to program Honda CRV key when all key lost.

Step1. Choose “Immobilizer”→ “Honda”→ “System Type”→ “Immobilizer 2”.

skp900-make-Honda-CRV-all-key-lost-1 skp900-make-Honda-CRV-all-key-lost-2

Step2. Choose “Immobilizer System” and turn ignition on. Wait a minute for system adapting.


Step3. Choose “All key lost”


It will ask “Insert key and turn ignition on, indicator light off?” Check and confirm it.


Step4. Input key number: 2


Turn off the key then turn ignition off. It is programming.

skp900-make-Honda-CRV-all-key-lost-7 skp900-make-Honda-CRV-all-key-lost-8

Step5. Turn key off in 15 seconds and SKP-900 Auto Key Programmer will show “Adapt success”. Insert a new key in 15 seconds and turn the ignition on.

skp900-make-Honda-CRV-all-key-lost-9 skp900-make-Honda-CRV-all-key-lost-10

Turn off key in 15 seconds→ turn ignition on→ turn off key→ turn ignition on

Then the indicator light is off


Turn off key→ turn ignition on

Now it will show “Adapt key success” that means SuperOBD SKP900 successfully program Honda CRV key when all key lost!

skp900-make-Honda-CRV-all-key-lost-12 skp900-make-Honda-CRV-all-key-lost-13