How to Use V8/X6 Key Cutting Machine Decode and Cut Renault NE73 key?

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Item named: Newest Best Quality Automatic V8/X6 Key Cutting Machine X6 Automatic Key Cutting Machine

How to Use it to Decode and Cut Renault NE73 key?

Step1. Start machine, the main menu is “Automobile Key Cutting System”. Press “Key Search” button, choose “SILCA”→ “Renault”→ “NE73”

V8-X6-key-cutting-machine-decode-cut-Renault-NE73-key-1 V8-X6-key-cutting-machine-decode-cut-Renault-NE73-key-2

Step2. On “Select Job” menu choose “Decode”


Then X6 key cutting machine will show “Replace tool to decoder”, so change cutter to decoder.


Step3. After change tool, press “Enter” button and follow the instruction diagram to put the old key on right position, then press “Enter” button to start decode. Wait a second and it will show the key code.


Step4. Press “Enter” button and choose “Nearest” on “Bitting Analysis” menu.


It will show diagram of key position, press “Enter” button, use block and pad to put the new key blade properly.


Then press “1” button to choose “Speed: Steel” and press “Enter” button. It will show “Replace tool to cutter”, replace the decoder to cutter and press “Enter” button to start cutting.


Now Automatic V8 Key Cutting Machine decoded and cut Renault NE73 key successfully.