How to use vvdi BE key pro version to change frequency 315MHZ or 433MHZ?

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vvdi BE key pro improved version supports changing key frequency between 315Mhz and 433Mhz with VVDI MB tool software or who don’t have this tool, always in this way with PCB resistor.

Option 1: change key frequency 315 MHZ or 433MHZ with PCB resistor

This a new VVDI BE Key Pro Improved Version

xhorse-vvdi-be-key-pro-improved-version-2 xhorse-vvdi-be-key-pro-improved-version-3


Put the VVDI BE key into the device programmer of VVDI BGA tool to test the key frequency.

This is a complete new BE key unused.

Test the frequency with VVDI key tool, it is 315MHZ.

Here is a square resistor marked with “FRE”, just remove it.



Put the BE key into the VVDI key tool to read out 433MHZ frequency.

Option 2. change key frequency 315 MHZ or 433MHZ with VVDI MB tool


Open VVDI MB tool, Enter Menu -> Other functions -> reset key frequency.

00:14 – 00:018 : Click on ” Read out key frequency”, the result is 315MHZ.

Put the VVDI BE key on the top of the VVDI KEY TOOL and the key frequency is 315MHZ.

Insert the VVDI BE key into VVDI MB tool.

Choose” 433MHZ” then “Change key frequency”, reset successfully.

Put the VVDI BE key on the top of the VVDI KEY TOOL and read out 433MHZ.93.

Insert the VVDI BE key into VVDI MB tool and you can see ” the key frequency is 433MHZ.93″, click “OK” to confirm.

Explanation to the option “through PCB resistor”. who don’t have VVDI MB tool, then change the key frequency through PCB resistor.


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