How to use VVDI2 and VVDI Prog to program BMW BDC system with all the keys lost

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The passage will guide you how to use VVDI2 and Super programmer to program BMW BDC system with all the keys lost.


  • Xhorse VVDI2 BMW (used to generate BMW FEM / BDC dealer keys)
  • VVDI Prog programmer (for reading 95128 / 95256 EEPROM data)
  • BMW FEM/ BDC test platform (easy to detect finite element BDC control module in good condition)
  • MAGPro2-x17 programmer (read ISN code, VVDI pro to calculate part of ISN, but not all)
  • BMW F Series FEM Blade key (New key)

connect the BDC with test cable


Read key information

Go to the preprocessing option. Read and save the encoded file.

Open BDC

Take a picture before decomposition and record the position of the fuse


Break down the BDC


Clean IC with special solvent and blade

4-How-to-use-VVDI2-and-VVDI-Prog-to-program-BMW-BDC-system-with-all-the-keys-lost 5-How-to-use-VVDI2-and-VVDI-Prog-to-program-BMW-BDC-system-with-all-the-keys-lost 6-How-to-use-VVDI2-and-VVDI-Prog-to-program-BMW-BDC-system-with-all-the-keys-lost

Connect to the VVDI Prog adapter to read data.

  1. Use the adapter to read 95256 data (if the reading is unsuccessful, try again.)
  2. Read the data multiple times until the data is read correctly


Verify the consistency of the data that is read more than once


Open VVDI2 BMW 4.3.0, Click “programming FEM / BDC system”


Click on”Preparing service EEPROM file”


Open the FEM / BDC module, use the VVDI2 programmer to read 95128 / 95256 EEPROM data, and click OK to view the 95128 / 95256 location

11-How-to-use-VVDI2-and-VVDI-Prog-to-program-BMW-BDC-system-with-all-the-keys-lost 12-How-to-use-VVDI2-and-VVDI-Prog-to-program-BMW-BDC-system-with-all-the-keys-lost

Click Yes to load the original 95128 / 95256 EEPROM data.


 Save service mode data and prepare to write to BDC.


The newly saved service EEPROM data is written to 95128 / 95256 chip.


Please confirm that the following two steps are complete:

  1. Save the code and write to the service EEPROM data.
  2. Restore the FEM / BDC system, power and connect to the OBD.


 Save service mode data and prepare to write to BDC.


Load the service schema data and use the VVDI PRO adapter to write the data (if the write fails, try again).

Read the data again and compare it with the previous data.

Connect to the VVDI2 key programmer again.

 Plan BDC

  1. Delete the FEM / BDC module shell and write the original EEPROM (read out in step 2) to 95128 / 95256 chip.
  2. Restore the FEM / BDC system, power and connect to OBD.
  3. Click OK to continue.


 Restore coding

Read the load code file in step 1, write FEM/BDC through OBDII to complete FEM/BDC programming.


Restore coding success, prepare match key


Return the position of the selection key and is ready to match.

Ignition switch: keyless


Because FEM / BDC is all lost. Use special programmers to read engine data and record ISN.


VVDI programmers can only read part of the engine data, for the rest of the engine data, it should need a special programmer to read (for example, MAGPro2-x17 programmers).

After the engine data is read out, you can calculate the ISN code through the engine data.

The ISN code that is programmed with the next key is taken.


Return to Xhorse VVDI 2 and use ISN to generate dealer keys.

Return to “get key information” and you can see the ignition switch: KEY8, which means that Xhorse VVDI2 can successfully generate agent keys with the help of VVDI programmers and MAGPro2-x17.

That is all