How to use Yanhua mini ACDP add 2008 BMW 3 series CAS3 key Thru OBD

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Yanhua mini ACDP Programming Master add 2008 BMW 3 series CAS3 key Thru OBD:

Car model: 2008 BMW 3 series CAS3

1.Plug the acdp into the car’s OBD interface


2.Insert the car key & Choose BMW module programming

-Select “CAS3 CAS3+”
-Select OBD mode
-Choose security

First perform the first step: read the CAS data


When prompted to eject the key, please remove the key, wait for 5 seconds, and click OK to continue execution
Anti-theft data read successfully, save anti-theft data file CAS3_ORGKEYxxxx.bin


Then perform the second step: Generate dealer key/programming key

Prompt check the connection BAV adapter, ready for the blank key

-Select the anti-theft data CAS3_ORGKEYxxxx.bin read in the first operation
-Select the key channel you want to program to use and select the key to program

Program the blank key, please save the data after successful programming, the third step requires parents to the data, back write CAS…DLRKEY…bin

Now you can perform the third step: update the key data to the CAS, please select the key data generated in the second step CAS…DLRKEY…bin

-Write key data back to CAS
-Pull out the original car key and insert the new key
-Open the switch and start the engine successfully

(If it is indicated that the direction lock is faulty, direction lock synchronization is required)

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