Humzor NEXZDAS Lite Read and Clear Audi Q5 2017(H) Fault Code

In this passage, we will show you step-by-step guide on how the Humzor NEXZDAS Lite read and clear Audi Q5 2017(H) fault code.

Device: Humzor NEXZDAS Lite

Car model: Audi Q5 2017(H)

Function: Read and Erase fault code

Turn ignition switch on.

Plug the VCI into OBD port.

Open NexzDAS App. The bluetooth will connect automatically with blue light turning on. Then select vehicle and start diagnosis.

Choose AUDI

Click on Automatically select models

Audi Q5 2009>2017(H)

Click on diagnostics, then Auto Scan

It is diagnosising now

Choose the DTC

Read code

Erase DTC

Success! Now again click on read code, it will show no fault code detected.