iCarsoft i960 review: Porsche 997.1 C2 read/cleared fault codes

obd2 code scanner

I received an airbag system fault warning today and want to pick up some OBDII code reader to hopefully diagnose the problem. 

I received my iCarsoft i960 and tested it out last night.

What‘s in the box


Pretty straight forward

  1. Don’t read manual because who does…
  2. Turn car off
  3. Plug into OBII port
  4. Turn car on (engine off or running)
  5. Answer setup menu questions (tell scanner what car it is plugged into)
  6. Press buttons until you get desired result
  7. Turn car off before disconnecting

Using it was relatively simple however the interface leaves much to be desired (Granted I do UX work for a living). That said, after spending a few minutes going through the menus you start to get the hang of it.

One thing that I found odd is that it has both an Automatic and Manual mode that seem to do the same thing (I didn’t play around too much). After selecting the auto mode it separates the modules such as DME, PSM, Air Conditioning etc – This video is not mine but it shows the menus I am referring to. When you select one of these categories it shows all error codes allowing you to click through them.

Code Reading
The tool returns an error code number and description. In my case I received the following codes:

  • 8035 – Left seat heater. No clue why this one was tripped as the seat heaters seem to work fine.
  • 8073 – Driver’s front airbag stage 1 connected to other ignition circuit
  • 8074 – Driver’s front airbag stage 2 connected to other ignition circuit
  • C141 – Communication PCM (display). I assume this is due to my aftermarket stereo. Shoutout to Del Ray Customs – the kit they sell is very complete and easy to install.

Possibly Issue – In my initial searches the codes returned did not seem to match with what I could find online. Was hoping a workshop manual would detail steps related to diagnosing and fixing the specific code. The iCarsoft site does say that you can email questions related to usage, installation, diagnosis which I have done and will post a follow up with whatever response I receive.

Sample Result


Clearing Codes
The tool does allow you to clear codes. However in my case after clearing all codes the airbag warning did come back after a few minutes. I assume this means that there is actually something wrong with my car . To that point it does not seem to turn off codes (I need to play around with it a bit more) but this may not be what the guys with aftermarket steering wheels and seats are looking for.

The iCarSoft seems like a decent tool for the price. It would be great if someone with the Durametric could post up their experiences (specifically the knock off as that seems like it would be closer comparison). If you guys have any questions or anything specific you want me to test out post em up and I can look into it.

My sexy ride – it is “only” a 997.1 C2 (I am still in my 20s and already dreaming of when I can afford the targa 4s). I think I like looking at it almost as driving it 


Figured I would post an update on this…

I reached out to iCarsoft for help deciphering the codes I was throwing: 
8073 – Driver’s front airbag stage 1 connected to other ignition circuit
8074 – Driver’s front airbag stage 2 connected to other ignition circuit
They responded promptly to my initial message and passed it along to their engineer for further research. In the end they were not able to provide any additional information on the codes which is disappointing. This seems like a big downfall for the iCarsoft. I did a lot of my own research on the faults but the iCarsoft codes did not seem to match anything on the typical Porsche fault code lists.

I ended up taking the car to the dealer to get it checked out. Diagnosis was a bad battery and a faulty airbag clockspring.

As far as resetting service reminders – there was nothing obvious in the menus that I saw for this feature however with the bad battery I noticed a few quirks so will need to check again now that it has been fixed.