Introduction of GM MDI Multiple Diagnostic Interface with wifi

car diagnostic tool

The GM MDI is a special tool connected between the vehicle and the power and for diagnosis and re-programming. The MDI user can access to the TIS2 Web for service and programming, and the MDI user can diagnose the vehicle by using the KDR software, and the computer MDI will gradually replace the functions of the current Tech2 and become the interface between the maintenance technician and the vehicle.

MDI module function:

  1. GDS2 original software, with powerful detection function, can detect engine, site, body system and so on.
  2. Support for all general purpose car lines after 2009, including North American GM, Shanghai GM, Cadillac, saab Saab models.
  3. Support for USB connections.
  4. Support Pass-Thru maintenance programming from 2000 to 2012.
  5. Support for vehicle diagnosis and online programming in 200.
  6. Shorten the maintenance programming time, the ECU programming time of GMLAN communication protocol is 1 / 3 of the current use of Tech2.
  7. Can be the new Junyuei, Cruz, Yinglong model throttle reset.
  8. Can match newJunyue, Kruz, Yinglang model keys online (addor lose all of them).

Application characteristics of MDI:

  1. Having a USB connection;
  2. Two or more MDI can be installed on a computer;
  3. The powerful TIS2 WEB remote server supports and downloads the programming data and the upgrade software on-line;
  4. The diagnostic data can be stored in a personal computer at random, so as to facilitate the production of a diagnostic data file; can run on any PC with Windows XP installed.

GM MDI configuration:

  1. MDI communication module
  2. OBD2 wiring
  3. Network line
  4. USB wiring
  5. Power supply, software