JDiag JD101 obd2 code scanner: Pros & Cons + Reviews

obd2 code scanner

Why is JDiag JD101?

The JDiag JD101 is an excellent scan tool for reading engine codes. This cheap OBD2 scan tool actually provides very accurate diagnostic data. You can totally rely on it whenever your Check Engine Light comes on.

It can also run I/M readiness and battery tests, which will help you keep the vehicle in a very good condition.

The JDiag JD101 obd2 code reader costs less than what you will pay just to get a diagnostic report from the shop. It really is the definition of a budget OBD2 scanner.

This car code reader can work on most 1996 and newer US-based as well as 2000 and newer EU & Asian-made vehicles.

This affordable OBD2 scan tool has a live data mode that lets you know the status of your battery, voltage and calibration ID. You can also view freeze frame data and the vehicle’s information (VIN, CIN, and CVN).

JDiag JD101 Pros and Cons


  • Built with a large and clear LCD display
  • Palm-sized for easy portability
  • A multilingual menu that includes English, Germany, Spanish, French, Russian etc.
  • Excellent at reading and clearing engine codes
  • Can also retrieve vehicle information
  • User friendliness: The presence of distinct user-friendly interfaces is clearly a sign that this usage is very user-friendly. The JD101 OBD2 code reader buttons are also easy to use with 4 large button.
  • Cost effectiveness: Consider the level of support for this tool for mechanics, the driver, the cost is relatively lower.
  • Expanded encryption and compatibility: With most OBD2 scanners designed for the US market, JDiag JD101is designed to work with any vehicle since 1996. It is this that allows it to operate on as many car brands as you can have at your fingertips.
  • Durability: This tool is likely to outstrip the expectations of a particular user based on hard-drive users. This can not easily be broken even if it falls.
  • Cheap and pocket friendly: you do not need a deep bag to own this exemplary OBDII scanner. Most retailers offer cheap rates. Also, visit some stores with attractive discounts and even save you a lot.
  • Trouble code libraries: You can lookup trouble code definition from JDiag JD101
  • Software is updatable and 1 year warranty


  • The display is not color
  • It also didn’t come with a USB cable (for updating).
  • Offers very basic diagnostic functions (doesn’t even pull ABS, SRS and transmission codes.)
  • Doesn’t work on as many vehicles as claimed by JDiag

The jdiag obd2 scanner is built for?

Despite the few flaws, the JDiag JD101 is overall one of the best cheap OBD2 Scanners. It is particularly good value for ordinary car owners and beginners.

You won’t spend much on it but it offers just enough functions to diagnose the Check Engine Light, test emissions and retrieve a vehicle’s info.

jdiag jd101 review: How do people think of JDiag JD101?

JDiag JD101 is connected to your vehicle via a wire. This wire is connected to the OBD II data link connector in your car. This Data link connector is found under the dashboard or under the handbrake.


The JDiag JD101 is compatible with AUTO protocols as well as ISO15765-4 (CAN 11/250). This makes the device compatible with all models of vehicles produced during or after the year 1996. These vehicles include both domestic models as well as imported models.

The device works on CAN vehicles as well because it has CAN protocols. The company makes claims that the device is compatible with ALL vehicle models made after 1996.


JDiag JD101 has an LCD backlit display. The display size is 2.4” wide and is a black and white display. The readings are shown in a clear and bold black color which makes the display easy to read.

However, despite the display being easy to read, it is substandard in comparison to other OBD II devices. A lot of other devices already use large colored 7” displays. This makes the JDiag JD101 display look insufficient.


The b software is designed by the company itself. This software is designed to give the user a plethora of diagnostic tools at their disposal. These tools include I/M readiness key and freeze frame data.

It is these tools provided that allow for a clear and accurate diagnostics scan. The tools that enable the JDiag JD101 to read both generic and manufacturer-specific error codes.

Additionally, you can upgrade the JDiag JD101 software. All you need to do is to connect your device to your computer via USB cable. Then, you download the software upgrade from the JDiag website.

From there, all you need to do is upload the downloaded software onto your device.



JDiag JD101 best feature is arguably its design. The device is beautifully crafted by the developers. It is designed to portray an elegance of design as well as full functionality.


This is why it has tapering lines at the sides in order to increase the grip of the person handling it. Its design is ergonomic in nature to further increase the handgrip of the user.

The tiny design also increases the degree of portability of the device. JDiag JD101 weighs a mere 0.22kg. You can easily carry this device in your pocket. You can also place it conveniently in your glove compartment.

Live data

The JDiag JD101 a live data feature. This feature enables the user to actively monitor their vehicle status. This feature is helpful in two main circumstances.

The first is battery monitoring. Live data allows the user to monitor the status of their battery. You can monitor the voltage that your battery is running at as you drive helping you decide whether the battery is healthy or not.

Secondly, live data helps during vehicle repairs. You easily monitor the status of your various vehicle components while repairs are proceeding. This enables you to determine to what degree your car is fixed.


Check engine warning light


JDiag JD101 is mainly designed to read the causes of check engine warning light. The device performs an accurate scan of the engine system and gives a report on what issues face the engine. Additionally, the JDiag JD101 provides a brief explanation of the exact cause of the check engine warning light.

This helps the user to determine what kind of action is to be taken.

Scanning and clearing error codes

JDiag JD101 has the ability to read both generic codes and manufacturer-specific codes. It can read error codes from a wide variety of vehicle models.

For ease of connection, the JDiag JD101 is able to give you your VIN number and vehicle calibration ID. These details allow you to connect your car rapidly to the device.

JDiag JD101 accesses your vehicle’s memory to read all the pending error codes. It then gives you the definitions of these codes. Then, you can fix the issue and clear the error codes.


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JDiag JD101 OBD2 code reader is a great OBD2 tool for the average DIYer as well as the beginner. This code reader gives you a verbal description right on the screen along with the code. Control is simple and quite intuitive. A USB port lets you connect to your computer and update local data from the web, if needed. Good product and very satisfied with this purchase.