Julie Emulator Quick FAQs

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Chinacardiags will offer you some quick FAQs ON Julie Emulator to help you know more about this product.

What is Julie emulator?

Julie Universal Car Emulator is a wide-use tool for anyone working with car electronics.

The main functions of Julie Emulator are:

IMMO replacing

ESL replacing

Airbag diagnostic

Tacho diagnostic

What can Julie do?

Julie enables you to:

Replace or remove ace original immobilizer signal

Simulate seat occupancy on the passenger’s seat

Replace the ESL signal (Electronic Steering Column Lock)

Check the correct functioning of the instrument cluster (“dashboard”, “tacho”) before installing it in the car

Whats the features of new design?

Two sides. Double power

Additional 24C02 memory

LED Version Indicator


Can I use Julie Emulator multiple times?

Programs in Julie Emulator can be selected for an unlimited number of times, e.g. for diagnostics purposes.

If you want to proceed with the repair, most of the procedures require leaving Julie Emulator in the ECU/car, except for a small number of solutions that don’t require leaving the emulator inside.

Julie Emulator LED behaviour:


Flashing 0.1 sec– adjusting to the ECU

After adjusting, it lights constantly and blinks every other second. This way of flashing means that the procedure has been completed successfully.

Other types of LED behaviour:

The blue LED is flashing once every two seconds in the following situations:

-The 24C02 memory is unsoldered, empty or read incorrectly

-CS and MAC values are incorrect

Flashing 0.1 sec– wrong CAN connection

How to check the version of Julie Emulator?

Make sure that no jumpers are soldered

Connect red wire to +12V

Connect blue wire to ground


The blue LED indicates the version of the emulator

Now, count how many times the blue LED flashes

First time 9 times. Then 6 times. The version is 96