KEYDIY KD900: How to know which remote for a specific vehicle?

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Good to know for KEYDIY KD900: What is the most efficient way to figure out which remote you need to create for a specific vehicle?

Look up oem part numbers from dealer or online to cross reference?


Create and try…and try… and try…?

Depends on where you are located… In the USA we go by FCC ID… There are a lot of websites that sell OEM remotes so searching for the FCC I on them is very easy

Use Google… If you have the FCC ID plug that in and a lot of times it will tell you the OEM part numbers

Also, here are possible ways for you guys to go.

1) ask on FB or WhatsApp groups

2) choose a remote by matching the picture to customer’s existing remote (if you are doing a spare)

3) take laptop and KD900 to car and start from the last remote and work your way up. (We are 433mhz in SA, therefore I start at the bottom where the 433’s are)

Note that The ‘smart match’ function is not open for the Keydiy kd-x2.
What you watched was the special copy function, for remotes that aren’t in the KD. So that’s something different.

Smart match used to match on Vw stuff but for some reason got removed

And I have never been able to clone a remote on kd900

Get your car into remote programming mode and then work through the list from the bottom and use “simulate device”

The last – a great Question & Answer – good to know:

Q: When you make notes on what car worked with the remote and you add the FCC in the pc software, does it get updated throughout the keydiy system for all dealers to benefit from?

A: No notes are personal. Only if you fill in the feedback. That is usable for all KD users