Keydiy KD900 vs KD200 Remote Maker

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What’s the main difference of remote makers Keydiy KD900 and KD200?

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  1. Handheld and more functions:

In the KD900 you don’t need a PC or laptop, plus it has added function the frequency detector and all others function plus coverage are the same

  1. Remote frequency and smart match:


KD900 CAN CHECK THE frequency of remotes

can copy the rolling code and fixed code remote of garage.

can support smart match for remotes, in other words if come a car

and you do not know wut remotes to choose, just use smart match it will pop out the correct remotes.

  1. Regular update and smart match:

They definitely have the same coverage, I tend to use my KD900 through the software regardless so I can see the pictures.

updates are getting more regular too, pretty much every 1-2 weeks they add some.

the KD900 also has smart match which is great with the VW because it allows you to ID the remote & if there are any superseeded numbers it just tells you its equivilent

  1. Coverage: USA cars, VAG, etc

with regards usa coverage , it depends what you want it for as to whether useless .

It lacks usa domestic coverage , they have usa ford , some checrolet coverage as well as some odd chrysler , gmc coverage , but comes into its own on the foreign coverage , you should get it to pay for itself on

VAG coverage ( 80% remote coverage )







  1. Remotes and blades:

these alone if you see the cars will quickly pay for the unit and do you proud

kd100 remotes are the K remotes ie K01 K02 etc these only work with the old kd100 these will not work with kd200 , kd300 or kd900 , you need the B remotes , ie B01 , B02 etc

all of the blades and their numbers are listed on the website .

  1. vauxhall coverage and exclusive UK updates:

They are currently working on vauxhall coverage , they have already got corsa c and some old astra vectra working , they are working on this and on peugeot/citroen, so im guessing plenty to come over the coming year . as to uk sales , updates and availability , alot is going on and i know one company will be releasing some news on kd900 later this week or next that many will find useful .

like everyone else they have concentrated on the makes with wordwide potential like vag and ford , the rest will follow as they develop it , i can see them cracking vauxhall but i’m dubious over psa . but as it stands for uk use , we have 80% vag coverage on kd900 , 80% ford coverage , excellent hyundai coverage , extensive uk mazda coverage which is useful as well as nissan honda and toyota all 433 mhz uk coverage , its growing at a rapid rate .

ive used kd200 since it was 1st released as kd100 , 2 years now and ive done hundreds of their remotes with just 1 call back which was an error id made not the kit , so its reliable and its grown alot in this time.

if thinking of buying a kd200 or kd900 or a bulk of remotes , i know some good news is imminent in uk.

The last, KD900 REVIEW:

Suburu legacy 2008 worked a treat using Suburu 02 and cutting it on hu83!

Programmed 3 astra remotes in the last 2 weeks. 2001 estate, 2002 hatch and 2003 estate with alarm. All OK

Don’t know what kind of remote programmed but the 03 with alarm was online. Probably Delphi

i use civic 2009-2013 and worked ok

I used kd-x2 to clone the civic .

I clone it on nb multifunction,thats why I was thinking that the remote will be cloned as well

I use the manual procedure for the remote:

programmed key in the ignition and switch ignition on

lock door with 2nd key manually

press unlock button once

wait 5 seconds then press unlock button once again

now open door manually , switch ignition off and remove key and test the remote functions.

if programming 2 remotes , when you do second one follow same procedure but press unlock twice each time instead of once

also make sure you are using the correct remote , on that year it may be 1J0 959753N but could also be 1J0 959753 DA or AH , and can also be 1J0 959753 CT or AG

Edit to update: The new KD900+ is gonna to replace KD900 soon.

KD900+ has simple operation system than the KD900.

KD900+ has new features including the possibility to clone most fixed coded garage ,home alarm and car alarm remotes.Powered by 4*AA batteries with a battery life indicator on the main screen.