Ksuite 2.25 download for Kess 5.017 Ktag 7.020

ECU Chip Tunning

Ksuite 2.25 is confirmed to work with china clone KTAG 7.020 and KESS 5.017

V2.23 https://mega.nz/file/pw0gDSTL#-IW5HeCdJkSzUYGYmsJqTYWqoIHxIIjQChEtLaHI1wM

V2.25 https://mega.nz/file/Y8sAGIZI#Zv19kErLt1oxMybEyM9u1H_8EDMtgdhVwnKuSU3Mxow

Install version 2.23 first, and then follow the video to replace the 2.25 files to the root directory of version 2.23. The software version is 2.25

whatsapp:  +8618223445829

Ksuite 2.25 is working with Kess v2 5.017


Ksuite 2.25 is working with Ktag 7.020


Ksuite 2.25 questions and answers:

Q: this is internet safe?

A: yes it’s internet safe

Q: I have a Kess 5,017 using 2.47 and Ktag 7.020 using 2.23.

Am I better using 2.25 for both?

A: Kess 5.017 = ksuite 2.47
ktag 7.020 = ksuite 2.23 or 2.25

Ksuite 2.25 reviews:

  1. You solved my problem with read Fiat ECU . Great Job .
  2. It’s fantastic
    I read now EDC17cp57 with separate files. Previously, i could only read it KTM100.
  3. I read now EDC17cp57 with separate files.WRITE OK. Yes ok
  4. Gooooooood job
    it is working for in my
    KTAG thanks a lot

Ksuite 2.25 warning:

Ksuite v2.25 is not tested by real professionals.

You’ll try it at your own risk!

For sake of security, you’d better have Ksuite 2.47 working with Kess 5.017 or Ksuite 2.23 working with Ktag 7.020