Ksuite 2.47 Reviews: Tested with a lot of cars & ECUs

ECU Chip Tunning

(10-06-2019) Updated a lot of Ksuite 2.47 test reports here…

Works great with red PCB clone 
I have done many model BMW cars with it with my friends (e63/60/90)
KTAG is coming in the mail to try next but Kess V2 with red PCB works fine!

Worked with clone pcb on edc17c49 read and write via obd

Iveco Daily 2015
With clone you read the ID and send it to your Master,
he can download it from the Alientech server and edit(tune) it.

Fiat Bravo EDC16C39 ok

tested on MED9.1.1 = 100% ok

Works with an kess off chinacardiags.com and several edc16u31 ECUs from BHW and BGW passats

A4 B6 8H (Cab) 2.5 TDi
EDC15VM+ (29F800) = Protocol N° 36
Kess V5.017

Tested on a 2013 2.0TDi with same ECU, works like charm

Renault SID309 ok (car my 2015)

Opel Antara 2013 year Delphi dcm3.7 kess 2.23 ok 2.47 error reading

Renault Master 2.5dCI 2008 147HP EDC16C36
Read OK
Write OK + Injector codes

i already test denso on opel without trouble

mercedes vito 639 113 crd 2.20  read write ok.

Mazda CX7 2,2 Denso with Kess 5.017 no problem

Chevrolet Captiva 2.0D Edc16c39 150Hp,  Obd Read/Write Ok.

Funny thing is that Kess 2.34 can read and write over OBD Audi Q7 with Engine: CASA 176 kW (240 HP) 3.0 l EDC17CP04 but Kess 2.47 can’t read.

Renault Latitude 1.5 Dci 110Hp Sid 305 – Ok.

audi q5 2.0tdi 2009 EDC17CP14 with protocol 501 work flawless add a good battery charger

tested on mercedes gla 220 cdi 4matic crd3
HW: 6519040800
SW: 6519027201
Ricambio: 6519010902
SW agg.: 6519030050
Impianto: CRD3-651-WMIA4D1
read, write and checksum ok, protocol 350

Mercedes W203 C270 CDI 170Hp, Obd Read/Write

Alfa Romeo 159 MJet 110KW Bosch EDC16C39 Read/Write OK

Skoda Octavia III 2014 1.6 CR TDI EDC17C64 OBD Virtual read / WRITE    OK !!

Honda Civic 2008 2.2 CTDI  EDC16C7 OBD READ/WRITE OK !

AUDI A3 1.8T 1999 ME7.5 protocol 38 
try to do by OBD but get ERROR HW ID
will try in BOOT MODE and report

Dacia Duster 1.5Dci 110Hp Sid 306 Ecu, Kess Protocol:81 Read/Write OK.

Audi S8 V10 MED9.1 BSM protocol 196
Read Master OK
Read Slave OK
but incorrect File Size! 2.5 MB instead of 2MB
Write fail at 84%, car stuck in programming mode.
Don’t use on this type of car!

Audi RS6 4F 5.0 TFSI V10 MED9.1 BUH
Read Master ECU OK -OBD
Write Master ECU OK – OBD
Write Slave ECU OK – OBD
When you write master ECU, fan are running, you need a good battery charger

My tool is 5.017 EU clone with red PCB. Did already so many cars successfully. 
Also MED 9.1 but on VW GTI, Read/Write OK. But the S8 no chance, tried 7 times flashing and recovery by OBD with different files, also choose smaller File type with 2.048 KB for the Flash, KESS didn’t even start programming.

My experience with the tool:
EDC15V, P+ all R/W OK
EDC16U, U31, U34, C35, CP35, CP34, all R/W OK
EDC17CP14, CP20, CP44, C64, C46 Read via KTAG-Boot or virtual Read file, Write OK
MED 7.5.11 R/W OK
SIMOS 3.3, PCR 2.1 R/W OK (PCR first unlock with KTAG)
Denso R2AB R/W OK
and a few others i can’t remeber now

BMW Z4 35i E89 Siemens MSD81 Read/Write OK! Reading time about 50 min.
MB A180 CDI and B180 CDI, both EDC16c32 R/W OK! Write time very short, but fans running!
Ford Galaxy Delphi DCM3.5 R/W OK!

Opel Combo 1.3cdti Obd2 Read/write ok!
Fiat Linea 1.3cdti MJ8DF Obd2 Minimum Speed Read/Write Ok! Note:Kline reading time 2 hours…

Audi A4 EDC17C46 03L906018HE
Write OK with a frf to bin file made with winols