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How do you think of Launch X431 Pro 3 for Maserati diagnostics

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Review 1: it does this according to specs ( this is just for qp m139 the tool does more for other models)

S017 PIS Adaptation

S017 Self Learning

S017 Reset wear index

S017 Actuators calibration

S017 Clutch configuration

S017 Clutch actuator bleed

S017 Actuator bleed engagement and selection

S018 PIS Adaptation

S018 Self Learning

S018 Reset wear index

S018 Clutch configuration

Review 2: I think this is also the scan tool the gentleman from the other thead was referencing to. I havent asked Voicey about it knowing he uses Texa the majority of the time. Basically what you’d need to do a clutch is to be able to write into the NCR (TCU) the new clutch configuration, reset the PIS, and run self learn. If you can do all of that your good as far as the clutch is concerned.

Review 3:  I have a Launch here – it’s firmly at the bottom of the pecking order of diagnostic tools in our workshop.

When I first used it I thought it was a Chinese rip off/clone – that should give you an idea of what it’s like to use. It does have some modules however there are so many revisions during a model run that you need to be lucky that it has the correct software version otherwise it’ll misinform you at best and damage something at worst.

So to give you an idea of the quality of the launch – I did a clutch reading on a Ferrari before I left the workshop. The SD2 was at 44.78%. My other two premium tools were within 0.5% of that figure. The launch was reading 29.85% – way off.

If the Launch was your only tool you’d get into trouble real quickly.

Review 4: On the Launch…it is reading the numbers, but the software is what breaks down all the information…Like Voicey I`m not a fan…I have used one on Jags and Land Rovers and you are constantly F-ing around with the software version.. For example…If you had version 3.0 on your unit and you upgraded to 3.1, you would think it would do all of 3.0 and then some…Not this thing..As far as the clutch wear, it has been discussed on here that number isn`t always very accurate at all if someone didn`t reset it correctly when the clutch was replaced…

Review 5: To be honest, I don’t know very much about Maserati or Ferrari. It’s not just something you can jump into without experience or training ( These make BMW and Mercedes look like Toyota’s ) in any event I was able to plug the Launch into a Maserati and it looked pretty impressive for a throw away tool.. It really does a lot..

Review 6: the scan tool is what interprets the numbers into the algorithm of the clutch wear.

So for instance, if I have a GS in front of me, it will take the closed clutch position and the new closed clutch position. These are the only numbers the NCR provides. The Scan tool is what takes those numbers, subtracts them, divides it from the thickness of a new clutch, multiplies it, and gives you the actual clutch wear. That algorithm is done with the software of the scan tool. So, if that’s off the reading is off, when you write the new parameters into the NCR it will be off, and the PIS will be off. If it misreads the new closed clutch position, with the closed clutch position you have no foundation for the algorithm either.

I can give you an example, I actually did a PPI on a GS about 6 months ago. Well the gentleman selling the car actually took the car to someone I’ve always felt was reputable. So I thought the gentleman selling the car was well to put it lightly embellishing what the actual clutch wear was in order to sell the car. I called the gentleman who did the clutch wear read out, KNOWING there’s no way he misread it. He looked up the data from the receipt and actually confirmed what the guy told me. I was beside myself, but he did read it with the Leo system and the read out was definitely wrong. I double checked my readings, and the algorithm to be sure I read it correctly. My read out was in line with a PPI that was done a year and half earlier by a Maserati dealership using the SD2/3 as well.

My point to this is, even using the Leo he somehow messed up the read out. But that being stated if you had a scan tool that far off to begin with, you don’t want to mess with your car or someone else’s. I’m glad Dave posted this from Aldous because what he is saying is true. If you’re not careful you’ll write something into the NCR that will have a huge impact on the drive-ability of the car. Then once it’s done, how do you get it back to where it was with an inaccurate scan tool? Even with a good scan tool, once you write the new closed position in wrong, when you take the accurate scan tool you’ll be guessing at what it should be new. Round and round it will go.

The only way I can know the accuracy of the scan tool is to have it in front of me, someone asked me about it being a Unicorn if it could do what the gentleman said it could. Now that we have data from a reliable source, namely Voicey/J that has done this, I would say, no it’s not a Unicorn. It’s seems to be a good way to comatose the vehicle you are working on. Seems Jason is echoing the same thing with the updates. So, anyway, I’m glad we had guys chimed in on it before someone did mess their car up.

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