Lonsdor FT01 Smart Key: Unlock+ Convert Key Type+ Update Program

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This post is the guide on how to unlock Lonsdor FT01 smart key, convert key type and update FT01 Program. 

How to Unlock Lonsdor FT01 Smart Key

The concept of unlocking: Toyota smart key, once been programmed to a car, it can not be programmed to another car, unless been unlocked.

Unlock steps

  1. First press and hold the 1, 2, and 3 buttons at the same time (according to theorder shown in the following figure), after the indicator is on, release the 3rd button.
  2. Keep pressing the 1st and 2nd buttons. After the light is off, press the 3rd button again. Then the light is on and release the 3rd button.
  3. Repeat the second step 10 times or more until the indicator light flashescontinuously, then you can release 3 buttons.
  4. After the indicator light stops, the smart card is unlocked and can be used as a new card.


How to Convert FT01 Key Type

Function of Converting FT01 Key Type: support converting the

function of the third key on FT01/FT02 in default factory- fresh

condition. Support switching the third key to trunk/tailgate.


  1. Remove the button battery of the smart key
  2. Enter “ Special Features”→ “FT01”→ “Key Type Conversion”option. This option supports converting the third key into car type (trunk) or SUV type (tailgate).
  3. Select corresponding vehicle type option and operate according to prompts
  4. If the device shows “convert chip failed”during the process, probably the devicedoesnot identify the chip. Please change inductive positions (horizontal, vertical or on the side) of the chip board, then press “execute” and operate again until the device shows “convert chip success”.
  5. During the process, the device will show “please remove FT01 battery and reinsert”, please make sure the battery in the smart key has been taken away andpress “ok”. The process is finished when the device shows “convert chip success”.


For those smart keys version under V02.53, have to remove the battery to convert successfully.

For those version higher than V02.53, to remove the battery or not does not

have any influence to the process.


How to Update FT01 Program


Enter “Special Features”→ “FT01”→ “Get Version Information”option to get version information of Toyota smart keys. For those keys version under V02.53, update the program in “Special Features”→ “FT01”→ “Update Program”option. For those version higher than V02.53, no need to update the program.