Lonsdor K518S is cheaper? Same as Lonsdor K518ISE?

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For those look for Lonsdor K518S but have questions on it:

1.K518S and K518ISE share almost the same features and functions.

It’s a thing in two modes: K518S and K518ISE

2.K518S Full version subscription:

First year: 800 usd

Second year: 600 usd

Third year: 300 usd

2.K518ISE Full version subscription:

630usd for a year

Notice:For Lonsdor K518ise full version update cost after 6 months – After purchasing the upgrade, the new features upgraded in the current year can be used permanently.

I mean – As long as the features that have been upgraded successfully can be used permanently

2.Lifetime authorization: 3100usd

3100 usd will help use Lonsdor with all authorization lifetime and get a permanent license.

You don’t have to pay for subscription any more.

3.K518ISE has more basic functions and has fewer functions need to be paid.

So K518ISE is much more expensive than K518S.

Users pay for update once and enjoy all functions for the whole year, then pay for the new functions next year

K518S comes with less basic functions so the price is lower.

Relatively, users need pay more for more functions.

People can use what they subscribed for a limited period, then pay for it again when it expires.

Lonsdor K518S Where to?

SK213-B+SK213-S1: full functions


Much cheaper, K518S (SK213-B+SK213-S1) = K518ISE (SK213+SK213-S)

SK213-S1: free trial for 6 months + 12 months


you should pay for subscription after 18 months