Lonsdor K518S vs. Lonsdor K518ise,What’s the main difference?

Lonsdor K518ise updated version – Lonsdor K518S key programming tool is released!

Look here: what’s the main difference of the new Lonsdor K518s and old K518ise

If u don’t want to pay for an upgrade, or if u want to get Lonsdor k518ise lifetime version with full authorization,get Lonsdor k518s version is the best choice.Lonsdor k518s price is lower than k518ise.In other words,k518ise is suitable for users who want to purchase one year upgrade)

(Lonsdor K518ise is the basic version. Lonsdor k518s contains the menu of skp1000 and some menus of k518ise)

  1. basic package and paid package

check details in K518S and K518ise vehicle list

you should paid for those marked in red

for the basic, free lifetime

for which functions need extra payment, pls. download Lonsdor k518s immo menu:


  1. price:

Lonsdor k518ise price: 1299 usd around

Lonsdor k518s price: 739 usd

  1. pay for full function:


For Lonsdor k518ise:

basic version: 1299 usd

one-year version: 600 usd

pay once for all functions: free lifetime for all functions available when you pay

For Lonsdor k518s:

basic version SK213-B: 739 usd

one-year version SK213-S1: FREE + 800 usd

English version with full functions, FREE for the first 6 months, then you should pay for another 800 usd for the every next year

lifetime version SK213-S2: 3000 usd,

lifetime version with full authorization, but you must have the machine SK213-B