Lonsdor ST-P181, Best Porsche diagnostic tool?

obd2 code scanner

What is Lonsdor ST-P181?

It’s a hand-held code reader used for Porsche only, from Lonsdor, featuring setting idle start-stop system and clearing fault code. Light, portable and easy to use. No need specialized knowledge to get started.


Why should I have a ST-P181?

  1. Reduce engine damage.
  2. Reduce battery damage.
  3. Reduce spark plug damage.
  4. Increase air conditioning comfort.
  5. Avoid the road trouble caused by a slow start of the car after parking.
  6. Avoid water flowing into engine while restaring car on a rainy day.
  7. Have a better driving experience.

Where to buy the Porsche obd2 reader?

Look at this site: http://www.chinacardiags.com/wholesale/lonsdor-porsche-st-p181-idle-start-stop-code-reader.html with Tech support form the seller

Is Lonsdor ST-P181 working?

Definitely yes. Here a Youtube video, about Lonsdor ST-P181 Test Report

Can ST-P181 Lonsdor work for coding, programming and special functions such as  Calibrate seat occupancy detection, Wake-up guardian and the like?

No.The ST-P181 is worked as a code reader only. If you want to do coding, programming and special functions, you can buy a Foxwell NT510 – it works perfect.

What about Lonsdor ST-P181 car list?

  1. 911 (991)
  2. Boxster (981)

3.Cayman 2nd generation 2010- (92A)

4.Cayman (981)



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