MB diagnostics: C3/C4/C5/eCom

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While i’m completely newbie to MB diagnostics i’m in need to take care of small MB fleet.
Could anyone please explain in few words what should i get to have comprehensive MB support in my workshop in terms of diagnostics?

I assume C3/C4 are some heads/multiplexers which are working with DAS or Xentry diagnostic software? Why there are DAS and Xentry ?
What is eCom then (i know it’s hardware…) ?



MB Software
HHTWin / DAS Works on cars upto 2001~3 (but it’s not fully capable because it’s base on module some are newer some are older)
DAS / Xentry works on 1998~UP (but it’s not fully capable because it’s base on module some are newer some are older)

MB Hardware
C3 Bulky Old popular, Sold to anyone but nolonger available, wires for connections are different then C4-C5
C4 Wireless capabilities Sold to anyone but nolonger available
C5 Completely wireless ONLY LEASED on USA Markets, been design with newer OS’s in-mind(win7 8 10 etc..)

Before i read A MYTH(s) about C3/4 that C3 is much slower and soooo much other BS, until i tested Fake C3/4 original C3/4 on same cars just to provide to my self the truth of what i heard and read and all are JUST COMPLETE BS by people that DO NOT EVEN KNOW HOW TO READ OR WRITE
Just because somebody is still on IBM Laptops that are produced in 2001~6 does not mean it can not work on SSD i3/5/7/OR OR OR…..

Here is add-on information

SDconnect C4 supports Wireless Diagnosis
SDconnect C4 supports not only KL diagnosis and three lines CAN BUS diagnosis, but also UDS diagnostic protocol. Because the board of Mb star Compact 3 doesn’t contain UDS protocol chip, the hardware will be eliminated directly.
SDconnect C4 can do wireless diagnosis. Besides, it uses LAN cable connection. So it can support more computer model.
Interface components used the military quickly inserted techniques that can support one million times plug, more stable.
All of the core components adopt new original packaged chip, plus 24 hours fatigue test, to ensure product stable release