New version V4.5.7 VVDI Prog Original Xhorse VVDI PROG Programmer

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VVDI PROG Programmer Frequently Free Update

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V4.5.7 VVDI PROG Software Download [Password:123456]

Latest Version: V4.5.7

Firmware Version: 1.2.2

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TOP 6 reasons to get V4.5.7 VVDI PROG Programmer 

1. Built-in update software: Make VVDIProg firmware update timely. Latest Software Version: V4.5.7, Firmware Version: 1.2.2
2. High-speed USB communication interface: Make software automatically connect.
3. Smart operation mode: possible causes of error will be listed
4. Reserve ports: For future update.
5. Self-test function: Check if the machine works well or not.
6. Power supply: Through USB cable, software will automatically prompt if the external USB power supply is needed

VVDI Prog v4.5.7 (2017-04-21)

* This version DON’t need update firmware
* Fix some bugs
+ Add VVDI PROG USER MUNUAL 4.5.7 version in Doc folder
* Fix some MC68HC(9)08 read error problem
* Fix PIC12F(16F) diagram error problem
+ Add TC1762-CAN, TC1766-CAN options in <2-MCU>-><INFINEON-TRICORE>
+ Add STM8AF5179,STM8AF5268, STM8AF5269, STM8AF5286, STM8AF5288, STM8AF5289, STM8AF528A, STM8AF52A6, STM8AF52A8, STM8AF52A9, STM8AF52AA, STM8AF6168, STM8AF6213, STM8AF6223, STM8AF6223A, STM8AF6246, STM8AF6248, STM8AF6266, STM8AF6268, STM8AF6269, STM8AF6286, STM8AF6288, STM8AF6289, STM8AF628A, STM8AF62A6, STM8AF62A8, STM8AF62A9, STM8AF62AA, STM8AL3136, STM8AL3138, STM8AL3146, STM8AL3148, STM8AL3166, STM8AL3168, STM8AL3188, STM8AL3189, STM8AL318A, STM8AL31E88, STM8AL31E89, STM8AL31E8A, STM8AL3LE88, STM8AL3LE89, STM8AL3LE8A, STM8AL3L46, STM8AL3L48, STM8AL3L66, STM8AL3L68, STM8AL3L88, STM8AL3L89, STM8AL3L8A, STM8L051F3, STM8L052C6, STM8L052R8, STM8L101F1, STM8L101F2, STM8L101F3, STM8L101G2, STM8L101G3, STM8L101K3, STM8L151C2, STM8L151C3, STM8L151C4, STM8L151C6, STM8L151C8, STM8L151F2, STM8L151F3, STM8L151G2, STM8L151G3, STM8L151G4, STM8L151G6, STM8L151K2, STM8L151K3, STM8L151K4, STM8L151K6, STM8L151M8, STM8L151R6, STM8L151R8, STM8L152C4, STM8L152C6, STM8L152C8, STM8L152K4, STM8L152K6, STM8L152K8, STM8L152M8, STM8L152R6, STM8L152R8, STM8L162R8, STM8L162M8, STM8S003F3, STM8S003K3, STM8S003C6, STM8S003K6, STM8S007C8, STM8S103F2, STM8S103F3, STM8S103K3, STM8L105C4, STM8L105C6, STM8L105K4, STM8L105K6, STM8L105S4, STM8L105S6, STM8S207C6, STM8S207CB, STM8S207K6, STM8S207K8, STM8S207M8, STM8S207MB, STM8S207R6, STM8S207R8, STM8S207RB, STM8S207S6, STM8S207S8, STM8S208C6, STM8S208C8, STM8S208MB, STM8S208R8, STM8S208RB, STM8S903F, STM8S903K options
in <2-MCU>-><ST-STM8>
+ Add ME17.9.11.1(TC1762) option in <3-ECU>-><KIA>
+ Add MED17.1(TC1766) option in <3-ECU>-><VOLKSWAGEN>
+ Add EIS-W639(1J35D),EIS-W639(3K85K),EIS-W639(4J74Y) optionsin <4-IMMOBILIZER>-><BENZ>
+ Add JIEFANG-J6-HCS300 option in <4-IMMOBILIZER>-><FAW>
* Change JIEFANG-J6-BCM option(Support up to 5 remotes)
+ Add SENOVA-D60 option in <5-DASHBORAD>-><BAICMOTOR>
+ Add EADO option in <5-DASHBORAD>-><CHANGAN>