No access authorization code! How to solve for mb star C4/C5 XENTRY/DAS Error?

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Some customers meet such problem when open xentry or das, show this error: No access authorization code! You must contact the user help desk.


There are 2 reasons to result to such error.

  1. you did not activate xentry or das function. you need to follow this pdf to activate xnetry, epc wis by yourself:   and send the seller hardware id to activate das function.


   2.  you have activated the xentry and it can open successfully, but when you reboot it, it shows this error again. that means your laptop can not save the xentry code and you need to follow this step to fix it:

1). Go to “C/programdata/LicDir”

2). Copy “Lic_Key_2.dat” and paste it.
3). Rename “copy file Lic_Key_2.dat” as “Lic_Key_2.x4711”.


4). click Lic_Key_2.x4711 property and set it as read-only


then open the xentry again it works!!



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