Obdstar X300 DP – A Few New Things I Found

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Good morning, had a great day yesterday & yes my Tinder date turned out really good & ready to meet more ladies

But let’s get to business. First, I updated my Obdstar X300 DP Pad & notice a few new things.

1st on Benz, just know a bit about stern door control system. Seems it can open trunk for lock keys. On a C series, 204, i can

Trunk lid operation

Open the trunk lid

Close the trunk lid

obdstar-x300-dp-mb-1 obdstar-x300-dp-mb-2


2nd on BMW’s we can read ISN


3rd on GM’s if we have a key looks like we can used RFID to read pin.


obdstar-x300-dp-gm obdstar-x300-dp-gm-1 obdstar-x300-dp-gm-2

4th on both Kia/ Hyundai they added a 8A Smart card reading probably due to the newest OBDSTAR H105.


5th Porsche now can program up to 11.


6th on the EEPROM adaptor I’m sure there’s away to add something to it with 6 pins to read in-circuit like XTool’s Pad because I heard from good sources they read 93XXX chips on the X100 perfectly but desoldering chip so the next step is to rig up an adaptor to read in-circuit.


Well let’s start another great week & I’m off to send my parents off to China for a few weeks on me of course!! Oh in a bit I’ll also show you guys using a Condor SEC-E9 what I found that will help make it trouble free & last a lot longer!