OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus Update Announcement of September 2018

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OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus / X300 DP Update Announcement of September 2018:



Upgraded SWFL support version to ISTAP65 


1. Optimized the menu structure

2. Optimized Baihc Shenbao D20 key erase failure problem


Upgraded Audi TT EEPROM data reading and key programming function


1. Increased BOSCH ME7.4.4/ME7.4.5 pin code reading function

2. Increased BOSCH EDC15C2 pin code reading function(doesn’t support  simplified or traditional Chinese)


Increased DELPHI 70F3379+93C86 pin code reading function


Increased DELPHI 70F3379+93C86 pin code reading function


Increased DELPHI 70F3379+93C86 pin code reading function

Cluster Calibration


Optimized 2015-Sierra/Tahoe security algorithm


Upgraded Audi TT/A3 cluster calibration function


Optimized Panamera/Cayenne 2010-cluster calibration 

ECU Clone


1. New increased ME7.4.5、ME7.4.4、EDC15C2

2. EDC15C2 distinguish 1X Connect and 3X Connect type

3. Distinguish the prompt ‘to ensure the security of data, pls don’t use Bluetooth for testing’ according to device model

BOSCH ECU Clone Software

1. Increased BOSCH ME7.4.4 EEPROM/FLASH reading and writing function

2. Increased BOSCH ME7.4.5 EEPROM/FLASH reading and writing function

3. Increased BOSCH EDC15C2 EEPROM/FLASH reading and writing function  

BMW Programming Software

1. Optimized 6HP reset function

2. Upgraded 8HP programming SWFL support version to ISTAP65

Oil/Service Reset

Updated the Portuguese text

TPS Reset Software

Updated the Portuguese text

Battery Matching

New increased as follow:


FAW Audi

Dongfeng Citroen:C4L(B7)/DS5 Hybird 4

Geely: Vision X6/Emgrand GS/Emgrand GL/Borui

GAC Trumpchi: GS4/GA6/GA5 1.6T/1.8T/2.0T DCVVT/GS5/GS5(Super)

GWM: Changcheng C30/Changcheng C30EV/Hover H2s/Hover H7/H7L/VV7/P8

Optimized Audi A6 battery matching failure problem

ABS Software

Updated the Portuguese text

H100 Display Program Software

Increased configuration

Tablet Display Program Software

1. Increased UIList customized listing function  

2. Revised the prompt of VCI disconnected during algorithm networking verification

3. Increased carlist, software introduction, upgrade announcement and “help”function button 

    in the version information before entering into diagnosis information

APK Software

1. Optimized the UI design

2. Optimized the typesetting of user manual

3. Replaced the‘ok’ and ‘cancel’ button with Enter and Esc

4. Remind the update of user manual and FAQ with red dot

5. Revised the log in/out logic

6. Increased the customized list

7. New increased the version display

Throttle Matching Software

New increased as follow:



Jianghuai: type 6/type 7

Dongfeng Fengshen: type2/ type3/ type4

BYD: S7(2017)Tang/F0/Type 3 (BOSCH)/Tang(2017)

Geely: Type 2 (Delphi)/Type 3 (Lianchuang)/Vision

Zotye: T600_COUPE/T600 Sports/Damy X7/T600/T200/2008/5008 models

Changan Ford:

(all 2005 models)Escape(Asia)/Tribute/Maverick(Europe)/MarinerEdge/Escape(Asia)/Mariner Hybrid

Kuga/Fiesta MY2013/Focus Cabriolet/Focus(Focus VIN = LEA/LVS/AFA/PE1/FFJ)/Fusion


CS35(S101)/CS75(S301)/Raeton(CD101)/Eado XT(C202)/Eado(C201)/Lingxuan (V301)/Alsvin/AlsvinV3(B501)/CX20-GA13

CX30/Benni/Benni MINI/Zhixiang/Jiexun/CV7/CV9/A800/A600(H16EB-6AT)/A600(DAM15-5MT)/X70A/Honor/Honor S

Changan Star/New Changan Star/CM8/Xingka/Ruixing/Zunxing