OBDSTAR X300DP Plus Clones GM Opel Bosch BCM

Chinacardiags will show you how the OBDSTAR X300DP Plus clones GM Opel Bosch BCM.

Here is the step-by-step guide:

The left one is the GM Opel Bosch. Connect it to the device.

Choose ECU Clone, click on GM– GM V30.01– Auto

Ensure the Internet connection.

Choose Read EEPROM

Enter a file name to save. Here we use the automatic name. Click on Done.

Click on Read Flash. Same operation as last one. Save the file name and done.

Choose Write EEPROM

Open the file we save the first time. GMOPEL_BOSCH_70F3558_24C32_EEPROM_XX.BIN

Restoring EEPROM

Successful data recovery

Click on Write Flash



Restoring Flash