Original Launch X431 Tool Reviews (X431 V+, X431 V 8 Etc)

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Launch X431 diagnostic scanner is one of the most professional OBD2 scan tool brand in the automatic aftermarket. It has different versions, including Launch X431 V8, Launch X431 Pro Mini, Launch X431 V+ etc.

Here’re some reviews I collected about Original Launch X431 Tool on related car forums. Hope these help.

From Haydenpoulsen:

I have just recently bought a Launch X431v+ from China. I have concerns about the legitimacy of the product, hoping this forum can give me insight.

So far the few vehicles I have tried it works very well. When I spoke to Launch USA, they had told me it is a legitimate product, however it is only available from Launch in China (cnlaunch.com) and is not intended to work on US vehicles.

From chisel:

I am interested in all things Launch and in X431 particularly. Reason being, and I’ve stated this ad nauseam, it’s the only automotive diagnostic scanner I’ve actually seen, and the only one I can guarantee will work on most vehicles in my spot on the earth.

It’s likely some vendors sell genuine Launch tools but US buyers may find discrepancies because the software they run on is region specific. One way we’d know for sure is by sharing experiences.

From Chen:

Launch X431 V and V+ has real same function.

All Launch scan tool from China, including Launch USA goods.

Different agents sell Launch scan tool.

From TechWhisperer:

I have an x431 in my arsenal. It’s cool because I am able to remotely take control of their scanner if they need a second opinion on a car, no matter where I am traveling at the time. I also like being able to quickly pull up my All Data and identifix right on the tool, easily toggling between that and my data pids, etc…

I have lots of scanners due to the nature of my job, and this Launch is most comparable with my Autel Maxisys, very similar depth & coverage. They are both strong with the same manufacturers, and are also weaker on the same types of vehicles, for the most part.

Both the Launch x-431 and the Autel Maxisys will never stop surprising you in what they can do on certain vehicles, and yet they will both often leave you frustrated with incompletely coded & non-functional features when you select them. But overall? They will both get the job done as your primary “go-to” scanner, and the value is incredible. You will be happy with what you get for a very reasonable price.

From rome83:

I just bought an X431 V 8 inch version from China. I did enough research to get me the genuine product from an authorised seller. Launch Tech China told me that I can contact them directly for any support that I need after I get the tool which debunks the fact that people say Launch offers no support. I’m going to get the Diagun IV for my mobile van also. I already have RossTech VCDS, Autel MaxiSys Elite, Snap- On Modis and Gscan, but this Launch is so ridiculously cheap, I had to get it and try it.

To be honest most of the scanners I own, I’d estimate around 85% of the functions are all exactly the same(except VCDS). There are small differences between them on certain makes and they all vary greatly in price range. Like most of the shop owners on here, you’d find nearly all of them have at least two different scan tools to cover the range available on the market. The Launch is the cheapest scan tool of the lot but I am not sure how close to my other scanners it is.

From Desmond6004:

I live in New Zealand. Our Launch Diagun X431 is about 15 years old and still surprises us with some of the things it can do. Generally because USA cars all went OBD2 from 1996 we can scan any USA vehicle. Japan only went OBD2 somewhere around 2005, Europe around 2002. Japanese vehicles have JOBD and Korean vehicles KOBD, then there are Chinese vehicles that have their own language. There are days when we have 10 vehicles in our workshop and only one of them is OBD2. But then OBD2 is only an emissions related standard that manufacturers have to comply with – there is a lot of other information and features they don’t have to provide and this is down to the scan tool, as to whether it does those extras or not. We have An Autoland, Snap-on, Launch Diagun, Launch 24v X431, Fcar, Autel Maxisys – and each has their strengths and weaknesses. The new Autel is the most up to date but it’s like Windows 10 – updates can cause issues. I just received my own personal Launch CRP123X and it is a really nice tool.

From chisel:

The original Launch X431 for a considerable time was the only diagnostic scan tool the fellas took a chance with. They came with a wide assortment of vehicle manufacturer’s specific connectors which I was told, were for OBD1 compatibility.

There’s a sprinkle of Autels breaking through but no experience with them in action. If there are specific scanners for Korean vehicles the dealers garages would have those. Only the mechanics who work there would have access to them and to associated information.

From dustin.moen1:

I bought a launch x431v+ about a year ago when I first opened my own shop. I only had snap on, and tech 2 experience before this. This launch surprised me with how much it could do! Especially on the euro cars compared to the solus.

From Andy:

One thing I will praise Launch X431 for is they rarely fail to make a connection at the first attempt also they can communicate with a lot of optional modules such as Eberspacher /Webasto fuel burning heaters on BMW and Land-Rover diesels.

From Moderator:

Put the new Launch X431 Pro Mini through a day of use on the job.  I want to detail the experience because I struggled to find examples of how well the tool performs in the real world. Most of the reviews say nice things, but few details about its ins-and-outs. Hopefully this’ll benefit any perspective buyers.

2009 Toyota Camry, EVAP leak faults. Automatic identification of the vehicle doesn’t work.  The manual selection options list is HUGE, mostly because the software includes vehicles that aren’t sold in North America. Once ID’d, the scan data and bidirectional testing gets me what I need.

2015 BMW 535i. Flawlessly performs the rear trunk lid motor initialization procedure. My Modis Ultra won’t talk to that module, much less initialize it. Point, Launch.

2013 Ford F-150 3.5L – Again, Automatic ID is out to sea. Disappointing, because these trucks are everywhere around here. The actual coverage is fantastic and easy to navigate, once you get there. PMI functions are there – Nice.

2008 Dodge Ram 1500, failed coil driver and a melted coil. Automatic ID works perfectly. There’s no live misfire data? I know the vehicle supports it. Maybe it’s in there somewhere…? Not a huge deal. Injector kill test works as advertised.

2014 Chevrolet Traverse. No problems, just wanted to play around. Does everything I ask it to.

2012 Hyundai Equus, getting a new air suspension compressor. All the data and bidirectional functions are there, perfectly keeping pace with the Autel I connected to it last week.

After the new compressor, with the Launch connected, I get a hard fault for the SAS. Won’t clear. Traction light won’t go out. We didn’t do squat to the SAS, and I know those codes didn’t exist last week. I disconnect the Launch, cycle the key, and the light stays out. WEIRD.

2014 Dodge Grand Caravan, misfire concern. Again, no live misfire data. I double check to make sure the Modis Ultra does indeed have that function. Then I go for the injector kill test. Picking any cylinder stalls the engine. Oops!

Saving code reports, screenshots and scan data is easy breezy. Recalling the same data is also quick and painless. Updating the software is exactly as easy as they advertise.

Despite the quirks, this is still a great addition to the diagnostic arsenal. Keep in mind that I demo’d a Bosch ADS625 a few months ago, and the Launch does 90% of what the Bosch does for 12% of the cost.

The portability and ease of use go a long way towards balancing out the weaknesses.

From Gerry22:

X431 Diagun is a specially designed diagnostic tool for automotive technicians. It is based on the technology of open diagnostic platform, the most advanced automobile diagnostic technology brought forward by LAUNCH. Compact main unit, X431 Diagun powerful diagnostic functions, fast and convenient update, universal connectors, make it the first choice for technicians. X431 Diagun is the standard equipment for technicians.

From logikal:

Launch is excellent. It acts as a generic obd tool when working on MOST domestic and some Jap vehicles so no bi-directional functions would be available on your GM.

From Strouty:

The launch comes with two years of free updates, but honestly I don’t care about the newer stuff yet. You do not have to pay for the updates to keep using it, the tool will just not have the most current year data. The bidirectional abilities are great for running tests and general diagnostics. As far as I have read, the Snap On tools do not play as well with volvos as the launch does.