OtoSys IM600 Mercedes Car List: Add New Keys (All Keys Lost)

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With Auro OtoSys IM600 (Autel MaxiIM IM608), what can you do with Mercedes-Benz immobilizer? And what Mercedes can and cannot work?

OtoSys IM600 Mercedes-Benz car list: (incl. Sprinter)

Support key adding to W203, W463, W629, W202, W208, W210, W215, W220, W230

Support EIS reading for CAN/K line by the direct method with the  programmer

Support all key lost to W166, W197 S212, W218, W246, W209, W211, W172, W204, W206

Support EIS reading (OBD&IR), IR key read&write, key adding for W164, W164 2009-, W251, W251 2009-, W166,W197, W212,W218, W246,W169, W209,W211, W172,W204, W207,W216, W221,W906, W639 2009-

Supports key learning, ELV read & write(OBD), ELV read & write(IR) for DAS3 system

Supports IR key read & write for IR key system…..both Otosys IM100 and IM600 are confirmed

OtoSys IM600 Test: Mercedes W209 key program success!

Step 1: Calculate password  (No token needed)

Select IMMO->Mercedes-> Expert Mode->Password Calculation -> via IR->W209

6 steps to calculate password online:

1 Insert the ignition key into EIS and wait for 5 seconds

  1. Pull the ignition key out
  2. Insert the ignition key into EIS and wait for 2 seconds

4.After pulling the ignition key out, insert it into the IR keyhole on the IM600 UP600 programmer

  1. Collecting data,calculating password
  2. Insert the ignition key into EIS and wait for 30 seconds

auro-im600-benz-key-1 auro-im600-benz-key-2 auro-im600-benz-key-3 auro-im600-benz-key-4 auro-im600-benz-key-5 auro-im600-benz-key-6 auro-im600-benz-key-7 auro-im600-benz-key-8 auro-im600-benz-key-10 auro-im600-benz-key-11 auro-im600-benz-key-12 auro-im600-benz-key-13 auro-im600-benz-key-14 auro-im600-benz-key-15 auro-im600-benz-key-16 auro-im600-benz-key-17 auro-im600-benz-key-18 auro-im600-benz-key-19

Step 2: Generate Key File

IM600 will ask users to enter a 16-digit password to access (it will automatically fill in the blank)

auro-im600-benz-key-20 auro-im600-benz-key-21 auro-im600-benz-key-22 auro-im600-benz-key-23 auro-im600-benz-key-24 auro-im600-benz-key-25 auro-im600-benz-key-26

Step 3: Write Key

Select Read & Write key function -> IR-> Write key file

auro-im600-benz-key-27 auro-im600-benz-key-28 auro-im600-benz-key-29 auro-im600-benz-key-30 auro-im600-benz-key-31 auro-im600-benz-key-32 auro-im600-benz-key-33 auro-im600-benz-key-34

OtoSys IM600 successfully programmed a BE key to Mercedes W209


More Otosys IM100 and IM600 reviews and test reports can be found in the discussion group via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1642064505830743/

IMPORTANT: There is a way to upgrade the Otosys IM100 to have a up400 to do Mercedes keys

Otosys IM100 with UP400 can work for Mercedes key programming as well as Otosys IM600 does.