Overview of Vident iLink400 Full-System Scan Tool

obd2 code scanner

Expecting a full-system scan tool which is both cheap and working? Maybe some of you have heard about Foxwell NT520 and Icarsoft diagnostic scanner, which are both excellent tools. But today I’m going to give you a brief introduction to Vident iLink400 that covers more vehicle brands and functions with similar price as the other two.

iLink400 Features
iLink400 Software
iLink400 Vehicle Coverage
iLink400 Reviews

iLink400 Features

Vident iLink400 diagnostic tool supports OE-level diagnosis for almost all electronic systems of different car brands. It can not only read/erase codes and live data, but also do actuation, adaptation and programming. You can see more features in detail below.
√ Compatible with both OBDI and OBDII vehicles
√ works on the latest 2016/2017 vehicle models
Upgradable to cover more car makes

√ Support Multi-system Diagnosis——Read and erase Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC’s) from most (if not all) electronically controlled systems, including Engine, ABS, Airbag, Automatic Transmission, Immobilizer and Climate Control
√ Support advanced functions like adaptations and control module coding
√ Support the most commonly required service features like brake deactivation, service resets, Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) Calibration, DPF regeneration, ABS Bleeding, BCM/SIR Setup, TPS/TBA (Throttle Body Alignment) etc
Quick test function to test most common vehicle systems
√ Perform bi-directional actuation tests——manually operating components on the car to test their function
√ Turns off dashboard warning lights
√ Retrieve ECU information
Key coding for several vehicles
√ Request and record live sensor data and display live data graphs, and merge 2 parameter graphs simultaneously display freeze

Multi-lingual menus and code definitions for an international marketplace
TF memory card for data backup and software update
√ As easy as 1-2-3 with large TFT color screen and menu-driven operations
Ergonomic design and ruggedly built for both shop and road tests
3 years free software update

iLink400 Software
Registration and Installation procedures in details as below:

Note: Take down your serial number & password (register password) and keep it for later use.

Step 1:
Remove the SD card from your iLink400 and insert it into a PC using the SD card reader.

Step 2:
Create your Vident account via http://www.videnttech.com and validate the account in your email received.

Step 3:
Download, extract and install iScanZilla software to manage your iLink400 from http://www.videnttech.com/product/item-79.html.
(Note: You don’t need to buy any software to extract .zip file (unzip), as free software eg 7-Zip can be downloaded from http://www.7-zip.org.)


Step 4:
1). Run iScanZilla software and log in with your Vident ID, then fill in the serial number and password you kept previously to complete registration.
2). Download your preferred free car make software and install it.

Step 5:
Insert the SD card back into your iLink400.

Step 6:
Plug your iLink400 to the vehicle’s OBD port. Now ready to operate!

PS. The scanner is shipped with one free software. More software can be added anytime at extra cost.

iLink400 Vehicle Coverage
American car: for Ford, for GM, for Chrysler, for Scion

European car: for EU Ford, for BMW, for Mini and Rolls Royce, for Citroen, for Fiat, for Abarth, for Alfa Romeo and Lancia, for Ferrari, for Jaguar, for Land Rover, for Vauxhall, for Opel, for Porsche, for Mercedes, for Sprinter, for Maserati, for VW, for Audi, for SEAT, for Skoda, for Volvo, for Renault, for Dacia, for Peugeot

Asian car: for Hyundai, for Kia, for Honda, for Subaru, for Mazda, for Toyota, for Lexus, for SsangYong


iLink400 Reviews

From east302:
I was able to do the ABS bleed no problems with iLink400. I was a little skeptical at first too, but was also impressed with the unit once I received it. When using GMT400 service manuals, the instructions are directly in line with the unit as it is a tech2, and it’s the best part for me.
This device takes the battery voltage and converts to 5volts to power the unit. It doesn’t like the drop in input voltage when the battery takes a dive during starting and the regulated 5v drops out, so the unit can reboot during this. There is a better regulator you can put in if necessary and the clone reg fails. But the reality is there isn’t much of any operations requiring shutdown and restart of the vehicle.

From willxfs:
This scan tool might be a good option. I need to bleed the ABS system on my rig too, so I might give it a shot. It’s great to know that it also performs the ABS bleeding function.

From L:
It must be the king of the cost-effective scanners!
This scanner has ABS Brake Bleed, CASE Relearn and is able to read Cam Sensor Retard, which is just barely scratching the surface. I scrolled through the Powertrain PIDs for the three vehicles and all the pertinent enhanced GM ones seem to be there. It reads and clears codes for individual modules like ABS, SIR, Powertrain, etc. Also has some PIDs for various modules and some bidirectional controls. However found nothing for TCCM (4WD) module. It did have most modules for the G6 and did find an error code with my radio. I don’t know how this would work on 2013 plus, but as I understand, up to 2012 CANBUS should be almost the same.
Functionality will depend on what you are hooking this up to, but on the GM it looks like they give you way more than most a software packages. It’s cheaply made in China.

From Joe:
Cheap and does do what it says it does. It will allow you to control all the sensors and lights on the vehicle if you have the add on for that manufacturer.

From EJ Lewis:
Compared with Foxwell, Vident ilink400 is compatible with more software license, such as PSA, renault, SsangYong, etc. It’s also cheaper but shorter update range (3-year free update i guess), while NT520 is free update for lifetime.