Download the new SDP3 2.40.1 Activation Without Dongle software for free

  Free download:   password:c1ev49   Today we will introduce a software for diagnostics and programmers: The SDP3 2.40.1 diagnostics and programmer is the Scania Diagnostic and Programmer 3 (SDP3), which communicates with Scania models, Scania’s industrial and marine engines.… Continue Reading

Free Download: ODIS 5.1.6 + POSTSETUP + Launcher + License + Plugins

I share with you ODIS-S 5.1.6 + POSTSETUP + Launcer + license + plugins:!HMlnXaAB!f1YLo1LD0iiBIfAFD2WN7dXepEVfD5UZuZ7OLfjPev0 Thanks to omarzoro for his contribution FYI, it’s your own risk! omarzoro and will hold no responsibility for what you try. If you dont wanna… Continue Reading

2019 Best Universal Airbag Reset Tool: Foxwell NT630 or Autel AA101?

What is the best handheld airbag reset tool for universal vehicles? Foxwell NT630 is better than Autel AA101 airbag reset tool? Airbag reset tool Autel AA101 (stopped production) Foxwell NT630 (available) Image Car Makes & Years 16 car makes Vehicles before… Continue Reading