What’s Tech2 TIS2000 hardware/security key used for?

I have a question about the TIS2000 hardware/security key. What exactly is the purpose of it? I don’t have one, and was wondering if I can still use the TIS software without it. Reply: There are three versions of the hardware key: the… Continue Reading

Lonsdor ST-P181, Best Porsche diagnostic tool?

What is Lonsdor ST-P181? It’s a hand-held code reader used for Porsche only, from Lonsdor, featuring setting idle start-stop system and clearing fault code. Light, portable and easy to use. No need specialized knowledge to get started. Why should I… Continue Reading

Free download + How to: CGDI BMW F-series programming

CGDI Prog BMW F-series programming manual: Where to download database, how to setup psdzdata and how to do do F series programming Steps in detail.. free download F-series programming database: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1sm1wIAx Then you will get psdzdata.zip unzip psdzdata Files/folders included: right… Continue Reading

Does Obdstar H100 support my car (Ford/Mazda)?

What can Obdstar H100 key programmer do? And does it support your car? Look here. Collect questions and answers asked frequently. Hope it helps. Related Download Files: obdstar-h100-ford-immo-function-list.pdf  (67.0K) obdstar-h100-mazda-immo-function-list.pdf  (41.0K) obdstar-h100-ford-mileage-function-list.pdf  (41.7K) obdstar-h100-landrover-immo-function-list.pdf  (41.5K) obdstar-h100-jaguar-immo-function-list.pdf  (41.3K) obdstar-h100-jaguar-mileage-function-list.pdf  (39.2K) obdstar-h100-immo-and-odometer-car-list.zip  (5.2K) Q: H100 can it work for Mustang 2016 key programming with all… Continue Reading

03.2018 Xentry Acronis Image Download Free

Free download 03.2018 Xentry Acronis Image with 01.2018 WIS and EPC incl. Pricelist 70.1. Acronis True Image 2017 https://mega.nz/#!Yl5ChB4b!szCDrCHrIG7Ac3fAWOYa_qbMT33cNRJJpWSCRMVIziI Xentry 03.2018 https://mega.nz/#!l0ZFEAJB!cmVmWQPDz_1o7s03LwFY8I907MKoukkU_pi1kHx6G1M this is a Windows 7X64 Enterprise installation in german language Image size is about 140GB Xentry 03.2018 already with patch (old keyloader,blacklist… Continue Reading